Hawke's Brewing Co. partners with Vintage Cellars to give free tinnies to Dads named 'Bob'

Free Tinnies_Bob Dads (1).jpgBob Hawke's beer company is gifting "Bob Dads" with free beer this Father's Day.

Hawke's Brewing Co. has partnered with national retailer, Vintage Cellars, to ensure any dad called Bob (or Robert) can get their hands on a free can of Hawke's Lager this Father's Day, Sunday September 3.

Says Nathan Lennon, co-founder, Hawke's Brewing Co: "From the outset, we've wanted the company to find ways to "give back", whether it be to the environment, the community, our customers, or in this case dads called Bob. While our day-to-day efforts are focused on our partnership with Landcare, this Sunday is all about putting a smile on "Bob Dads'" faces (and a free tinnie of Hawke's Lager in their hands)."
Hawkes Lager Can (1).jpgThe Father's Day promotion runs for just one day - Sunday September 3 - when any dad called Bob (or Robert) can claim their free can of Hawke's Lager with any beer purchase from any Vintage Cellars outlet in Australia (except in the NT). All "Bob Dads" must provide proof of ID.

Hawke's Brewing Co. is founded by Australian creatives, Nathan Lennon and David Gibson, former CDs at Droga5 New York.


Uber said:

Didn't Uber just do this?

Pour me another said:

Wow. Another campaign giving stuff to blokes with their name starting with B. Great stuff

Uber said:

Uber isn't beer. Good work.

If they're taking the piss out of uber said:

I love it

@Uber said:

So it's ok to copy another piece of work as long as it's from another product category? Righto. Like your thinking. I'm off to do a horses in the surf ad for a slow cooker brand.

x said:


Bob = Bob Hawke
What does Sam have to do with Uber?

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