Health & Wellness agency Orchard becomes certified Veeva content partner

Veeva Image (1).jpgOrchard has been named a certified Veeva content partner.

Closed loop marketing (CLM) allows marketers to collect and analyze customer data and use this valuable information to improve strategic direction and enhance future content. By 'closing the loop' it creates a continuous cycle of information gathering and strategy refinement.
In Veeva, it means that the marketing team can track which content and messaging has resonated most with their customers, so they understand what has worked and what has not and most importantly what to change.

CLM also helps clients, learn more about their target market, tailor sales calls to improve customer experience and satisfaction and evaluate the value of marketing activities, reducing overall costs.

Since 2006, Orchard has created more than 200 eDetailers for some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, GSK and MSD, many of them using the Veeva platform.  As a certified Veeva content partner in CLM, they specialise in creating engaging and impactful content that utilises all the capabilities of Veeva.

Says Wai Kwok, managing partner, Orchard:  "The market for detail aid platforms is maturing and it's clear that Veeva is an established leader in this space. We're observing that client needs are rapidly evolving: beyond ensuring their representatives are well-equipped to communicate their clinical messages, there's a desire to fully integrate the end-to-end functionality and power of the Veeva platform. That's why we're continuing to invest in expertise in the Veeva development platform."

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