Heide Museum of Modern Art launches 'The People's Panel' via M&C Saatchi, Melbourne

Heide AdShell (1).jpgHeide Museum of Modern Art will revolutionise the way people interact with art through its new brand campaign - 'The People's Panel' - created by M&C Saatchi, Melbourne. A first-of-its-kind for the historic cultural institution, the museum will install interactive panels enabling individuals to share their own thoughts on the art.

Heide is famously known as the property of cultural leaders John and Sunday Reed, who purchased the site in 1934 to create a home they generously shared with a generation of Australian artists.
Heide AdShell 2 (1).jpgAt the museum, digital panels will replace the familiar static wall panels explaining artworks. People will be able to use social media to share their opinions on the art, interacting with comments by others.  Visitors simply tweet their thoughts using the hashtags provided.

The campaign will also feature replicas of artworks placed in Melbourne's city centre, Heide AdShell 3 (1).jpgopposite Flinders Street station. There, people will be invited to interact with art outside a traditional gallery space.

The campaign will launch with a selection of works from Heide's new exhibition, Call of the Avant-Garde: Constructivism and Australian Art.

M&C Saatchi Melbourne creative Mike Plumridge said the team had loved creating a new way for everyday Australians to get their thoughts out there.

Says Plumridge: "You don't have to be a film critic to have an opinionHeide Museum.jpg on a movie, and you shouldn't have to be an art historian to give an opinion on art."

Says Dr Natasha Cica, Heide's director and CEO: "We're delighted to work with the M&C Saatchi team.  The People's Panel brings art to the people, and people to art, in an innovative way - and it's faithful to Heide's distinctive legacy as a place for lively discussion." 

The campaign is live at Heide Museum of Modern Art and in central Melbourne from August 7.

Agency: M&C Saatchi Melbourne
Executive Creative Director - Paul Taylor
Head of Integrated Production - Gene Kingi
Creative Team - Mathew Hine, Mike Plumridge
Account Manager - Margaux Boisson

Technology Lead - Ben Patterson
Creative Technologist - Simon Kent
Quality Assurance Manager - Abbas Agha
Client: Heide Museum of Modern Art
Director & CEO: Dr Natasha Cica
Marketing & Communications Manager: Sue Curwood


thats said:

a pretty cool idea.

just out of interest, how can an organisation like Heidi which id imagine would have limited funds put to advertising, afford to engage someone like M&C?

-GK said:

@thats (sic)

If you can afford the time to write a question with a semblance of grammar someone may well afford you an answer.

M&C Saatchi Melb said:

@thats, good question. Heide approached us and asked if we could help them promote the gallery. We agreed to work with Heide on a pro-bono basis because we shared their passion to bringing art and people closer together. All external costs such as outdoor media are paid by Heide direct. Hope that helps, cheers, Paul Taylor, ECD.

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