Jack Daniel's unveils 'Every Drop from Lynchburg Tennessee' campaign via Mr. Wolf and Starcom

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.52.13 am.jpgJack Daniel's is celebrating its provenance with a new campaign via Sydney-based agency Mr. Wolf, highlighting that every drop of Jack Daniel's still comes from Lynchburg, Tennessee.

The multi-channel campaign was shot in Lynchburg and developed locally by Mr. Wolf. Media planning and buying is out of long term agency partner Starcom, and 31st Second is responsible for shopper marketing.

Says Natalia Kowalczyk, senior brand manager Jack Daniel's: "It's great to be working with the team at Mr. Wolf on a campaign as pivotal as this - throughout the pitch process they demonstrated a deep understanding of our brand, and we've loved putting those skills to the test in developing the 'Every Drop' campaign together."
Says Tony Singleton, managing partner, Mr. Wolf: "Jack is one of the most fascinating brands on the planet. It delivers authenticity and craftsmanship in spades while never losing that independent edge. You really feel the responsibility of being true to Jack and it's simply great to be helping the Australian team again."

Says Michael Stevenson, managing partner, Mr. Wolf: "It's fantastic to be reunited with the Jack Daniel's team and we're thrilled to be a part of a campaign that celebrates something as important to the brand as their spiritual homeland of Lynchburg."

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.53.42 am.jpgThe copy in the second ad reads: A Postcard From Lynchburg Tennessee. Funny how we never get any 'return to sender' - Lynchburg, Tennessee may not be on everyone's radar, but it's the only place in the world to make every drop of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. Some say it's something in the water, but it's Jack's charcoal mellowing process that really puts our stamp on it. It might not be the easy way to make whiskey, but it's Jack's way. So keep an eye out for one of our postcards, we send them all over. Every drop from a single source. Lynchburg, Tennessee.

The win punctuates an impressive year for Mr. Wolf, having helped Taylors Wines win multiple Marketing Team of the Year awards with the Optimum Drinking Temperature sensor campaign, as well as adding Rest Industry Super and Tourism Fiji to its list of clients.

Agency - Mr Wolf
Strategy: Tony Singleton
Managing Partner: Michael Stevenson
ECD: George Betsis
Senior Copywriters: Andy Healy, Tom Spicer
Senior Art Directors: Kelli Anderson, Matt Smith, Mikey Lind
Producer: Tanja Perl
Finished Artists: Simon Flynn, David Murray

Client - Brown Forman Australia
Marketing Manager: Marisa Murray
Senior Brand Manager: Natalia Kowalczyk
Digital Communications Manager: Sophie Carrad


Jacked off. said:

"You really feel the responsibility of being true to Jack". Really? Do you honestly think he'd approve of this garbage?

Spot's First Strategy said:

So, Provenance = Postcard?

That a brand would go to go to pitch and then produce something this elementary is deeply unsettling. Or was the pitch just a cover to reunite with the remnants of Arnold where all these PR participants worked together?

Jacked off 2x said:

The most uninspiring Jack work I have seen.
This can't be creative they are placing. Or maybe when you have no where to go you start covering your butt by playing it safe.
The Bundy work is better. Now that speaks volumes.

Change said:

Isn't this the same strategy, and similar (albeit lamer) creative, that Jack Daniels have always used?

I feel sorry for whomever else pitched on this.

Fool Moon said:

Pretty sure that's just a line from the TVC Arnold Boston made a year ago... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WE8BvSfX9o

Sarcasm said:

More bland work produced by marketing executives who care more about keeping their job than having the balls to do something interesting. Can clients please fire these people right now?

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