Jayco encourages Australians to embrace the RV life in newly launched TV campaign via Gen C

JAYCO Hero Still (1).jpgVideo content agency, Gen C, has proved that it can be all upside for big brands using smaller, more nimble content agencies. This has been demonstrated in Gen C's latest project - Jayco's newly launched campaign produced from concept to despatch by Gen C.
Five locations across Victoria, over three shoot days, with five caravans, two drone operators, and a 17-person crew with no excess runners to fetch crew coffee orders.

JAYCO Still 02 (2).jpgSays Jack White, director and founder, Gen C: "Everyone who works on our projects serves a purpose. Every cent spent is put towards the end product."
The campaign even features an original composition co JAYCO Still 05 (1).jpgproduced and written by Gen C and Terry Mann, and inspired by Jayco's heritage campaigns of the 1990's.
The campaign has launched nationally and is testament to Gen C's modern approach to filmmaking, which BTS.jpgchampions collaboration and cuts down many of the inefficiencies that the big advertising agencies are renowned for.
According to Jayco marketing director Chris Blunden, working with Gen C was a collaborative and efficient process, without compromising the craft or quality of the finished product.

Says Blunden: "We could not have been more pleased with the professionalism and creativity of the team. Gen C is both highly knowledgeable and well skilled in all aspects of production. Right from the initial pitch, it was clear they would be able to deliver our company a great campaign."
For more work from Gen C, visit www.gencgroup.com.au or contact info@gencgroup.com.au.

Client: Jayco Australia
Marketing Director: Chris Blunden
Marketing Coordinator: Lauren Bacon 
Marketing: Kristie Pritchard

Creative Agency/Production company: Gen C
Director: Jack White
Executive Producer: Nicholas Cox
DOP: Max Walter
Editor: Chris Axiaq
Colour Grade: Nicholas Howler
Producers: Zac Fuller & Gianna Mazzeo
Music: Terry Mann


Fan said:

Great pics. Great song. love it.

an actual human said:

I vomited in my mouth a little
we are better than this.

"no excess runners to fetch crew coffee orders"
The whole thing is equal parts arrogant and inefficient.

Jayco! said:

Love this track!! Beautifully shot as well.

Gawd said:

Advertising has lost its way... add the word 'content' to anything and we are all meant to celebrate how 'nimble' it is? Really.
Dull and cheap sentimentality.

missed opportunity said:

would've been good to play within the 'make memories' space. track's too upbeat retail for a big purchase, it doesn't connect emotionally... does the ad make you want to buy a $20K trailer?... sadly no.

nice pictures said:

dreadful insight and appalling song.

awful said:

there is not an ounce of substance in this shite
sack everyone
nice pictures? it's every content shot repeated over and over again

ad man said:

As far as montages go it's very well done - I didn't know about the song initially but it's slowly sticking!

Love and All said:

Catchy little jingle. Think it will stick.

Aussie as. said:

Nice to see a heritage Aussie brand brought to life again.

Catchy said:

I really like the song, jingles are usually cheesy but this one has a really nice sentiment

seriously said:

can the client and nimble content crew stop commenting....

Macbeth said:

Jack Shite, Chris Blunder and the 17 people who slung this bland, beige tripe together, deserve each other. Another reason to hate caravans and motorhomes!

Joyless said:

It's like Vance Joy without the joy.

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