KIRIN challenges digital photographers to take one photo in new project via Infinity Squared

KIRIN 2 - Masa Onikata.jpgKIRIN has launched a unique international photography project via Infinity Squared, inspired by the First Press brewing method used in the production of KIRIN Megumi.
First Press describes the craft of extracting only the first press of liquid from the malt, when ingredients are at their purest, much like extra virgin olive oil (whereas other beers use a blend of first and second pressed malt liquid) to create a unique, balanced and pure taste.

KIRIN 3 - Naoko Chaio.jpgDrawing inspiration from this unique brewing method "Project First Press" put a challenge out to Japanese digital photographers with a very simple brief: Capture purity through their lens...but with the first and only press of the shutter on a film camera.
A camera loaded with a single roll of 35mm film, was placed in a box and sent on a journey KIRIN 4 - Richard Lee.jpgaround Japan to a variety of different photographers, with each attempting to capture the respectful meeting point between natural materials and their craftsmanship.
Says Amy Darvill, marketing manager, KIRIN Australia: "The way we brew our beer - the First Press method - is unique and the purity of taste it delivers is something we want to celebrate more overtly. We loved how this idea from the Infinity Squared team extended First Press into the world of photography, celebrating the purity of a single, undoctored image created with care and precision."
Says Dave Jansen, EP, Infinity Squared: "The rise of digital photography has removed the risk and reward of what photography used to celebrate. This idea takes modern digital photographers out of their comfort zone and forces them to consider the beauty that resides in imperfection. One shot only. No filters. No manipulation..."
The camera's journey, the photographers and their images celebrating purity through photography is brought to life through a variety of assets for social, digital and editorial including hero film (shot vertical), cutdowns and an image gallery.
(Pictured 1-3: First Press photography images by Masa Onikata, Naoko Chaio & Richard Lee)
Client: KIRIN
Manager Marketing: Amy Darvill
Brand Manager: Jodie Mackaness
Strategy and Planning Director: Tom Phillips
Planner: Alex Weetch
Creative: Infinity Squared
Project Director: Sarah Reynolds
Production: Infinity Squared
Director: Matt Earl
Producer: Jack Gow
DOP: Kevin Holloway 
Editor: Matt Earl & Cameron Drew
Colourist: Marcus Timpson
Music Composition: Sam Cooke
EP: Dave Jansen
Featured Photographers:
Taro Karibe
Masa Onikata
Richard Lee
Stasia Kolewa
Yoshiro Ishii
Naoko Chiao


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