Modern Teaching Aids launches new 'Extra Mile' fully integrated campaign via The Idea Shed

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 7.35.23 am.jpgSydney-based independent creative agency, The Idea Shed, has just launched an inaugural, fully integrated campaign for Modern Teaching Aids (MTA).

The 'Extra Mile' campaign, utilises TV, online video, digital display, print and social media and will run over a 12-month period.

MTA0004 CURLY_QS_TRADE_T0_EducationReview[1] (1).jpgFounded in 1956, Modern Teaching Aids is the most trusted and longest serving educational resource business in Australia and New Zealand. They have more than 10,000 products online and in stock, including exclusive arrangements with over 100 world-class brands.  However not all teachers and administrators are aware of MTA and the full extent of its offering.

MTA is keen to establish its key competitive advantages - like its 220 local staff, including an in-house customer service team and the largest educational resource field force who visit schools and early childhood centres across ANZ every day.

The Idea Shed's campaign looks at the close collaboration of parents, educators, administrators and MTA, with the shared MTA0004 CURLY_QS_TRADE_T1_AustralianTeacherMag (1).jpgpurpose of helping children fulfil their potential. The common thread that binds them all is that they all go the 'Extra Mile'.

Says Simon Whiston, chairman, MTA: "At MTA, we appreciate the extraordinary lengths teachers and parents go to. This campaign acknowledges these efforts and demonstrates how MTA curate, create and supply the widest range of the world's best educational resources in Australia and New Zealand.

Three 30 and 15 second television commercials (and online videos) depict a young child's passion (in the form of a dream) for a particular area of learning and how MTA helps educators go the extra mile to help fulfil their dreams. The three areas of learning are robotics, arts and crafts and reading/writing.

An extension of this idea has been leveraged in print and online, and highlights the fact that educators and parents often get asked funny, challenging and sometimes uncomfortable questions by kids. TIS used these curly questions to provide cut through and a relatable hook for MTA to show how they've gone the extra mile to help teachers answer (almost) all of them.

Says Will Riley, executive chairman, The Idea Shed: "It's been fantastic to partner with MTA on this campaign and showcase the key role they play in helping teachers build knowledge. Our ambition at The Idea Shed is to creatively connect people and brands and we believe both the Little Dreamers TVC's and Curly Questions online and print campaigns achieve this in an interesting and creatively engaging way."

Says Whiston: "The Idea Shed has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We've been very impressed with both their strategy and creative work but most of all their passion for MTA."

Agency: The Idea Shed
Will Riley: Executive Chairman
John Volckman: Partner, Creative Services
Dale Watkins: Creative Director
Leigh Bigelow: Group Account Director
Mike Avery: Art Director
Carnelian Easton-Jones: Content Manager/Copywriter

Production Company: Clockwork Films
Director: Sebastien Guy
Executive Producer: Damien Whitney
Producer: Alan Robinson

Nunn Media
Ninth Wave

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