News and headphones. Better together: News Corp launches new campaign via The Works

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 1.04.42 pm.jpgNews Corp Australia via The Works, has today launched a news subscription campaign for all News Corp metro and regional newspapers nationally, offering Sennheiser noise cancelling, wireless headphones (valued at $329.95 RRP) with selected 12 month digital subscriptions to any metro or regional masthead.

The creative 'News and headphones. Better together,' tongue-in-cheek campaign places the noise cancelling headphones into local, topical news content, providing unexpected, entertaining and engaging visuals.

Says Tony Phillips, chief marketing officer at News Corp Australia: "With the volume of video streaming continuously increasing across all News Corp Australia mastheads, a digital subscription combined with noise cancelling headphones, is the perfect match.

"The Courier-Mail as just one example, saw an uplift of 131%, from 1.2 million streams to 2.7 million streams in one year*. And with more video and live content available than ever before, people can watch, read and listen to our content anywhere, anytime, in comfort, while blocking out all distractions."

Headphones DT DT MT.jpgThe creative concept came from The Works - News Corp Australia's new creative agency, appointed in July 2017, and is the first major campaign produced together.

Says Adam Donnelley, creative partner of The Works: "We are really excited about our first campaign for News Corp as it starts to integrate news content into the concept, while delivering a light hearted tone of voice. As the campaign rolls out we are going to have some fun with individual contextual and reactive executions. Above all it puts a fantastic subscription offer front and centre."

The ATL launch commences on August 29 for The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail, The Advertiser, Geelong Advertiser and Gold Coast Bulletin. The Townsville Bulletin, Cairns Post, The Mercury and NT News launch on September 5.

Creative Agency: The Works
Partner / Planning Director - Douglas Nicol
Creative Partner - Adam Donnelley  
Creative Leads - Nathan Bilton & Guy Patrick
Creative Project Lead - Kristie Thistlethwaite
Creative Project Manager - Jodie Schwartfeger
Digital Producer - Adam Sylwestrowicz
TV Producer - Rachel Solomon / Lucy Whirledge 


Tee Pee said:

That's one of those shits where you give up wiping and head straight to the shower.

Rob said:

It's a nice idea, just a shame it's for News Corp otherwise I might have subscribed.

whatever. said:


Spectacularly shit.

Holy hell said:

Did they steal the Dick Smith Guidelines?

John said:

Wow, there's bad, there's really bad and there's this. Seriously bad, never mind headphones give me a blindfold.

Rupert said:

The only noise that needs cancelling is coming from Rupert Murdoch. If we all pay you $329.95 will you please leave?

Effectiveness anyone? said:

Man up, creative wankers. This is a great little idea, cost little, was probably thought up quickly, approved quickly, and will deliver genuine and trackable sales gains...
Advertising is meant to increase sales, yeah? This does that. In spades.
The TV is an after thought. So what? TV should be these days.

@Holy hell said:

Or the JB Hifi guidelines, perhaps.

Also, shouldn't it be Malcolm wearing the headphones??

@effectiveness said:

I'm all for effectiveness, and a fan of The Works. But this isn't very good. The offer sin't clear. I couldn't work out how the headphones were related, it doesn't tell you what discount you're getting them at and the creative doesn't help explain it.

Stinker of the year said:

Where is the Gruen transfer stinker award when you need it?
Three reasons this is a deserving winner:
The Creative: Looks cheap, offer price high
The Joke: The only amusing thing about this ad is that it got approved - headphones need to be on anyone but Donald. Anyone. What is News trying to say here? I'm lost.
The Deal: Don't buy into the value/ the product link

Stinker of the year said:

Three reasons this is deserving:
The Creative: Very cheap looking with a high pricetag.
The Joke: Am I supppsed to be chuckling along with The Donald here?
The Deal: Don't buy into the value/ the product link

my bet said:

My bet is that this will work gang busters.
And the more it works the more out of touch it makes all the creative purists look like a bunch of know-nothings.

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