Serena Williams stars in the second instalment of 'Do it for Yourself' work for Berlei via Emotive

JEZ SMITH _Berlei_Emotive_ SerenaWilliams _3 (1).jpgToday Berlei launches a new content campaign via Emotive celebrating its 100th year. The video content features Serena Williams encouraging the next generation to invest in themselves.
Says Williams: "This campaign is an affirmation for the next generation of women. Regardless of whether I have a daughter or not - my hope and Berlei's hope for the next 100 years of women is they start their journey with self-belief and the confidence to self-invest, self-prioritise and self-nurture."


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The campaign is the second instalment in the 'Do it for Yourself' brand platform that launched in January. The content builds on chapter one as Williams now celebrates a new moment in her off-court life, as a soon-to-be mother.
Says Lucielle Vardy, chief strategy officer, Emotive: "Where the first Berlei 'Do it for Yourself' campaign shook the category up with an intimate insight into what Serena does just for herself - dance, this piece takes an even more intimate approach. The emotional power of video combined with Serena's very personal delivery is exactly what we aimed for."

JEZ SMITH _Berlei_Emotive_ SerenaWilliams _4 (1).jpgBerlei has a 100-year history of creating products that support women. Williams began wearing Berlei sports bras in 2006 after her mother discovered them during the Australian Open. As a long term fan of the brand, Williams became the Berlei Sport ambassador in 2014 showcasing her on-court and off-court love of the brand.

Says Zoe Hayes, senior marketing manager, Berlei: "We're a brand that supports and champions women through every stage of life. The concept further cements our relationship with Serena as a true partnership, and it continues our combined mission to inspire generations of women to invest in themselves."
The campaign launches nationally today and will roll out across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via Williams' social channels and Berlei's digital assets. In addition to the hero piece, there are three brand social videos celebrating 100 years of Berlei (don't miss Williams' cameo in the 3rd piece).

Client: Berlei
Content & Creative Agency: Emotive
Production Company: Tool of North America
Digital Amplification: Emotive
Talent: Serena Williams
Director: Rachel McDonald
Creative Director: Andrew Cameron
Senior Creative / Copywriter: Henry Stafford
Executive Producer: Hayley-Ritz Pelling
Producer: Patti Getker
Director of Photography: Amado Stachenfeld
Editor: Lauren Brown / No6
Sound Mixer: Matt Miller / LIME Studios
Colorist and flame artist: Verdi Sevenhuysen / No7
Activations Director: Sarah Clifton
Stills Photographer: Jez Smith
Social Shorts Editor - Uthzz
Animation for Social Shorts - dLucscious


Spoof off said:

Tell me this is a spoof?

Welling up said:

I didn't expect to but that really got me at the end. Beautiful work.

George said:

When the celeb has tremendous credibility and is as associated with the brand as this - it works.

Don't try this at home folks.

Overshare said:

Can't wait for SW to stop glowing and get her gear back on. Barf

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