SheSays Melbourne announces new directors Kate Prowse, Molly Hyndman and Ella Yarnton

SheSaysMelbourne.jpgSheSays Melbourne has announced three new directors will take the reins, with their first official event already under their belts.

After years of attending SheSays events and each having spent at least 12 months on the committee, Kate Prowse of Taboo (centre), Molly Hyndman of Alt/Shift (left) and Ella Yarnton of Leo Burnett (right) will take the lead on managing the SheSays community as they step into the role of directors.
Melbourne founders Steph Webster, Kara Jenkins and Jane Crowe will all stay on as directors of SheSays for the immediate future.

SheSays is an award-winning global organisation running events and mentoring programs for women in the creative industry to encourage more women to step into leadership positions, no matter where they work.

All three of the new directors got involved with SheSays after recognising the importance of women supporting other women, particularly in the creative industry, across advertising, digital, marketing, media and public relations.

Says Prowse: "SheSays is an opportunity for women (and men) to come together and learn from one another, whether that's in the same field as themselves or a different one. The power in this group is the chance to learn from a range of backgrounds particularly people you might never come across in another context."

Says Hyndman: "We're better as individuals and professionals when we support one another and help each other grow. By learning from the achievements and challenges others have gone through, we'll all benefit and get ahead both in our careers and our personal lives."

Says Yarnton: "The SheSays community can expect a range of intimate and larger events covering topics that we believe will be useful in everyday life, not just in our careers. We can't wait to bring the community great events built on purpose and giving back to those around us."

The most recent SheSays Melbourne event was held at Leo Burnett last Thursday 27th July and focused on the topic of 'Managing Up'. The next event is already underway, and will involve guest speakers from some of Australia's leading agencies and brands.

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