SPC's new Bean Pots keeps CBD workers fuelled in latest OOH campaign via oOh! and Leo Burnett

VSlokhWFc4mNXIvUHb-97oHmvusNzlWQUAxzSeCGOCI (1).jpgSPC has launched its new Bean Pot range with a hands-on out of home campaign that saw personal deliveries of the protein packed little pots delivered to hungry but time-poor CBD office workers and tradies.

The campaign, which ran to mid-August, used oOh! media's digital panels in offices, gyms, retail and study environments to encourage people to nominate a hard working colleague in need of a quick meal to receive a "slab" of Bean Pots delivered through oOh!'s experiential offering, EDGE.
4DQes8aX9tZYTZ5s6gEjEd71E1eUin1XXOxAplalEF0 (1).jpgIn addition to the delivery element, the campaign incorporated pop-up stands in CBD and Study environments that offered the opportunity to sample the new product in a location close to their workplace, which wasdBAZD6GHe4E0VUu4Z-fqOhoBXXkB693FgLDjt6OkQks (1).jpg also promoted through oOh!'s assets.

Adam Cadwallader, group director - Locate by oOh!, said that the mix of oOh!'s diversified asset environments coupled with experiential from EDGE were perfectly suited for reaching SPC's audience.

Says Cadwallader: "We know that the audience SPC wanted to reach are people that are looking for a quick snack on the go or during a short lunch break, including office workers, uni-student and tradies.

"To reach these people, we used our digital panels around lunchtime to run creative directing them to the pop-ups via geo-mapped creative, and at other times presented creative encouraging them to organise a personalised delivery for a co-worker. eDMs were also sent to our office block networkkiM6081UfnKJ_liBW3SP1K5o5prly3GISjWks0HVGCY (1).jpg letting people know about the delivery opportunity."

Amy McNeill, spokesperson for SPC, said that the campaign was successful in reaching the desired audience.

Says McNeill: "The media mix for our campaign was built around achieving the highest reach possible to a very specific audience. Through the life of the campaign we reached over 5 million people within our target audience.

"We wanted to demonstrate that the new Bean Pots were a tasty lunch option for time-poor people like office workers, students, and tradies. We also knew that reaching them in the appropriate environments at the right time was paramount. Through this integrated out of home campaign we managed to deliver."

The campaign is the latest in a number of deeply integrated campaigns developed by oOh! that utilise its wide range of audience-led assets to reach specific audiences.

Client: SPC
Media Agency: Slingshot
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Media Provider: oOh!media


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