Sydney Symphony Orchestra promotes 2018 season program in newly launched campaign

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 8.05.25 am.jpgFeaturing musicians on skateboards and motorcycles, and iconic shots of Sydney, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra has launched its latest video campaign which offers a fresh take on the 86-year-old institution.
The 'Take a ride with your SSO' video campaign is designed to promote the Orchestra's 2018 Season, also launched today, and will be featured across multiple platforms including online, social media and television.


SSO acting CEO John Horn said the video illustrates how the SSO is very much a part of the Sydney community: "The heart of the SSO, and what makes us different from any other orchestra in Australia, is the people who make up our organisation: our incredible musicians and our diverse and passionate patrons who help us create world-class music in our beautiful city. We wanted to highlight all of these elements in our video to get people excited about our 2018 season."
Playing the instantly recognisable Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner, which will feature in the 2018 season, SSO musicians appear around Sydney taking members of the public to the Sydney Opera House via different modes of transport. The video concludes with the audience members watching in awe as their city's orchestra brings the music to a climax under the baton of SSO chief conductor and artistic director David Robertson in the Concert Hall.
Drawing on a recent survey of audience perceptions of the SSO, the light-hearted and comedic ad shows the warm and accessible side of the orchestra.
Says Horn: "We wanted people to see the side of the musicians that we get to witness every day - the fun, interesting and dynamic personalities that make up the orchestra. We're removing the barrier between the audience and the musicians, and inviting them to come on a journey with us."
The musicians in the campaign are among the 96 members of the SSO, with cameos from SSO patrons including SSO subscriber of more than 40 years, Audrey Tonkin as passenger on the back of Trombonist Nick Byrne's motorcycle. The ad was created entirely in-house, from concept to execution.
Filming and direction: Daniela Testa
Producers: Daniela Testa, Bridget Cormack, Simon Crossley-Meates
Concept: Bridget Cormack
Featured SSO musicians: SSO Chief Conductor and Artistic Director David Robertson, Yosuke Matsui, Geoffrey O'Reilly, Nick Byrne, Euan Harvey, Marnie Sebire, Alice Yang, Ben Jacks and Nicola Lewis.
Also starring: Mathias Olofsson, Marcelle Wever, Daniel Alcaide, Gabriel Brearley, Jackson Shapiera, Ashley Dyason, Courtney Kirkham, Debbie Zukerman, Audrey Tonkin, Nayan Sarkar and Baxter the Beaglier.
Music: Wagner's The Valkyrie: Ride of the Valkyries performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra conducted by Nicholas Carter. Supplied courtesy of ABC Classics.
Special Thanks to: Harbour City Ferries (, 13 CABS (, Darlo Drama and the New York Film Academy.


Ouch said:

My god. Truly, stunningly awful.

Phil said:

Most big agencies and production companies would have happily given their time for free to work on this project. At least then they'd have ended up with something that looked great and had a decent idea. Instead, we end up with this amateur rubbish. Missed opportunity for everyone.

Should know better said:

Hi Bridget Cormack, as head of communications at the SSO, you should really know better. Coming up with a concept is best left to the professionals. This just makes the SSO look cheap and unprofessional. You wouldn't hire buskers to play in the orchestra. Why do the equivalent in your advertising?

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