The Monkeys wins Holden Equinox account

2018_holden_equinox_chevrolet-equinox_03-1.jpgHolden has announced that The Monkeys have been appointed as the creative agency to launch the all-new Holden Equinox after winning an extensive pitch process. This all-new award-winning SUV is set to arrive in Australia later this year to help increase Holden's share of the booming SUV market.
AJF Partnership will remain as Holden's retained creative agency and will be working across multiple other carlines and retail programs.
Holden acknowlegdes David Angell at Trinity P3 for his professionalism and support in managing the process and all the agencies that took part for their enthusiasm, work and effort.
Says Mark Harland, executive director of marketing, Holden: "We are excited to work closely with The Monkeys to launch this all new SUV to the Australian market."


Mr Logic said:

Equinox. Does that mean you only use it once a year?

Mrs Logic said:

No, that'll be twice Mr Logic

Mrs Logic said:

That'd be twice a year Mr Logic

pugwashers said:

awesome more tired overhyped inner east hipster shit.

The campaign said:

What happens when design meet function?

When experience meets form?

When everything aligns?

We call it Equinox.

That'll be $200K thanks.

Groucho said:

And they will only have to pay peanuts.

Holden fan said:

Can we please, as knowing adults, consign the wonderful Holden brand to the joys of times past? You know - V8s, utes, Brocky, Torana, mining boom and Australian manufacturing. The brand already feels unAustralian. Is that an Isuzu or a Chevy? I bet they don't even make the Holden badges they glue on the front and the back here.
So, for the love of Holden, call it a Fiat or an Isuzu or a whatever it is.

Mr Logic said:

Excellent work Mrs Logic. Yes, you're right of course. Full marks for posting twice, for emphasis.

For whom the Thinkerbell tolls said:

I thought we had it in the bag!

We're the new kids in town not them!

Thinkerbust said:

They must be gutted the Monkeys have arrived in Melbourne. Thinkerbell's awful name choice was always going to hold them back but with Monkeys + Accenture on every pitch list, and the established big boys playing hard to block Monkey progress their chances of scoring new business wins look very limited.

Shame. Adam Ferrier is such a nice bloke....

Mrs Logic said:

@ Mr Logic
Well, you're so bloody stupid I know i have to tell you everything twice. And you still haven't put the bins out tonight.....

Mr Logic said:

@Mrs Logic:

Bins?Tonight? I must be losing my marbles. I thought it was Thursday!

Melbournian said:

Welcome to Melbourne, Monkeys.

Congratulations on your wins.

Can't wait to see what you do down here.

Hey Monkeys said:

When does Ant start?

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