The Taboo Group launches 'Dark Truth' limited- edition absinthe into bars across Melbourne

taboo-project-darktruth-1 (1).jpgWhat began as a limited-edition absinthe for clients and friends, The Taboo Group's "Dark Truth" has now spread into bars across Melbourne and signature cocktails in West Hollywood's celebrity mecca, E.P. & L.P.

The brew, formulated by Taboo in collaboration with a local distiller, was named after the agency's approach to uncovering confronting truths on behalf of its clients.

Says Reece Hobbins, creative director, Taboo: "The Dark Truth" is what we find when we're brutally honest with our clients, our consumers and ourselves."

Born out of an agency that actively promotes side-hustles, the Dark Truth sits alongside Taboo employees' other endeavours ranging from hot sauce, island bars, kombucha, activewear, and a published poetry book.
taboo-project-darktruth-2 (1).jpgSays Andrew Mackinnon, founder, Taboo: "We're all about creating things, introducing them to the market, experiencing the results and learning from these. Most of our team have their own individual pursuits, providing us with a deeper understanding of the broader business context that our clients operate in. It also helps keep life a little more interesting."

Straight from the bottle itself:
A decadence, a muse, a symbol, a scourge. No drink was ever more taboo. Consumed by artists, mavericks, rebels, geniuses and provocateurs, it made Hemmingway earnest and Oscar wild. Taboo's Dark Truth has been imbued with a powerful magic designed to loosen the lips and open the mind.

Tipples of the Dark Truth Absinthe are available locally at bars including Absinthesalon and Ponyfish Island. To buy a bottle, email


Donnie said:

Great looking bottle. I love the label. The shot isn't clear enough to read. I'd love to buy a bottle. Will you be stocking this at Dan the Man? I'll be checking it out in the bars you mentioned.

nice line said:

it made Hemmingway earnest and Oscar wild

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