Virgin Mobile 'avo-cates' for a fair go in latest campaign via Eleven, Emotive, TBWA, UM & WiTH

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 7.56.59 am.jpgWith soaring house prices, fewer job opportunities and the rising cost of education, millennials have it tough and the only solution offered is to ease up on smashed avo on toast.

In its latest campaign launching today via agencies Eleven, Emotive, TBWA, UM and WiTH Collective, Virgin Mobile is taking a stand for young Aussies, levelling the playing field through the power of mobile by 'avo-cating' for a fairer go for our millennials.

Armed with Virgin Mobile's latest data offering, 'FairData', a team of avocado farmers are standing up for their best customers, to improve the unfair realities they are powerless to change -  like the unfair go they get for their love of avo on toast.

The campaign runs across cinema, digital, radio, in-store, PR, activation and social media and features local avocado farmers, the 'Avo-cates', using FairData to stand up against the criticisms made of young Aussies with conversations shared to #AvoFairGo.

Says James Gully, CEO, Virgin Mobile: "The way we use data is changing. Aussies need a fairer data offering that works for them and suits their lifestyle. They need data on their own terms. Fair Data uses the combined power of Virgin Mobile's data products to give Aussies a fairer and more flexible data experience that works together."

As part of the campaign, Virgin Mobile has partnered with The Betoota Advocate. Known for their satirical style, The Betoota Advocate's Clancy Overell and Errol Parker feature in a series of content films that introduce the Avo-cate movement, rallying Australians to get involved. As part of a native content series, the duo will also investigate the real woes faced by young Australians and why they deserve a fair go.

Virgin Group founder, Sir Richard Branson, has also weighed in on the debate in a light-hearted interview with The Betoota Advocate where topics faced by our "avocado-eating young people" were debated.

Says Gully: "Fairness has always been part of our DNA, it's in everything we do from the products we sell to the partnerships we enter into. We believe in a fairer and more flexible data offering for all Aussies. After all, we don't just want to play the game, we want to change it for good."

View the campaign hub.

Content: Emotive
Customer: WiTH Collective
PR & Social: Eleven
Media: UM
Radio, Digital, In-store: TBWA


whatever. said:

Nope. Didn't understand any of that.

But it was made by about seven agencies.

seriously said:

i didn't think on agency would own up to that, let alone five

Loooong bow said:

Jaysus that was hard work, what a massive waste of time.

... said:

When our agency powers combine we create... nonsensical shite

Avo-no said:

Betoota Advocate what have you done

#nice said:

Good for a laugh!

Yeah. No. said:

This looks like what it is. A cluster fu@#

qt3.14 said:

I'm confused. Can I get a home loan through Virgin Mobile now or something?

bread said:

Feels like all the involved need to talk more.

Ignore said:

Nothing wrong with this.

don't listen said:

Clever and very different IMO. Nice work

Mr Millennial said:

I listened. And now I'm considering changing to Virgin Mobile. Job done.

Betoota Fan said:

I'm not upset with The Betoota Advocate for selling out a little - they need to get paid like the rest of us - but i'm livid with with agency people behind this (who are clearly fans) for tarnishing something that is so anti-commercial.

Just leave it alone. Some things don't need to be used to sell phone data or toilet rolls or smashed avo or whatever the hell this is trying to sell.

If this ruins the best thing on the internet, you are to blame.

Eagle eye said:

Shame there wasn't room among those credits for a decent editor.

Who cares said:

Will anyone watch that? Care about it? Make a change in their behaviour? Total piece of poop. And looks like basically every Sydney agency had a hand in it. Awkward.

Not avo-in it said:

In these industries, it's usually creative that has to struggle to communicate a woefully incoherent product; in this case a pretty compelling product is struggling to be communicated by a woefully incoherent idea.

And what a waste of Branson.

Nice said:

I genuinely thought this was funny. Albeit a bit weird.

with who? said:

WiTH Collective, enough said, lol.

That avo is overripe. said:

Stink. Like seriously stink. Another ad WiTHout a good idea.

Hmmmmmm said:


A said:

As Tay Tay so eloquently said 'Haters gonna hate, hate, hate...'

Content is ding said:

I think this is what people talk about when they bag out 'content.' (And one of those Betoota guys should never have been in front of the camera. Poor bastard.)

Matthew said:

Koala mattress used Betoota way better

Wtf said:

This was bloody funny. I can't believe it's getting more hate than a liberal in Newtown

Sir lammington said:

Shame on Betoota Advocate. This was once a respected tabloid offering well researched editorials. Now a sell out, I will not be shopping at your stores again and am changing my vote to "yes"

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