Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre unveils 'Two Worlds, Two Words' campaign via Ward6

2W2W (1).jpgWard6 has just released a campaign for the Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre, "Two Worlds, Two Words".

The project highlights the story of refugee and migrant communities leaving behind their old world and arriving in a new one, Australia. It asks communities to share two words of hope, strength and advice for those who have recently arrived.

Says Rachel Haywood, marketing manager at Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre: "Language barriers can damage confidence, creating a sense of isolation, and put both physical and mental health in danger. The challenge was to help the Centre give individuals the strength to take gradual steps outside their comfort zone and embrace a new world."

Says Grant Foster, creative director, Ward 6: "The idea is deliberately simple so we could cut through traditional cultural boundaries. We shot footage of many people for shared content across communities, each story built around a relevant two word phrase, to clearly and deliberately bridge the gap between the migrants' countries of origin and their new home in Australia."

Says Stuart Black, CEO, Ward6: "As anyone living in Australia knows, life for newly arrived refugees and migrants is not easy. This is an issue we feel strongly about at the agency and if we can do something to make life a little better for these newest of people living in our community, to make them feel welcomed and valued, then we will know we've done something worthwhile."

The agency used the community to help launch the idea via a series of videos featuring a range of local people sharing their two words of advice and a trio of sisters who moved from Iraq in 2016. In addition, the idea is now being used in a range of Western Sydney MRC's support materials (eg. informational leaflets and booklets) and community engagement events.

Agency: Ward6
Client: Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre
Creative Team: Grant Foster, Steve Samuel, Holly Philip
Director: Michael Corridore
Production Company Photoplay
Marketing Manager: Rachel Haywood
Planner: Rob Mortimer
Account Director: Christina Salisbury

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