Boomshaka duo launch Corporate Impact

Matt and Guy (1).jpgBoomshaka all rounders Matt Zeremes and Guy Edmonds write ads, direct ads, act in ads and now they're adding another string to their bow - working with ad agencies to smash their pitches, through their new company Corporate Impact.

Zeremes and Edmonds have created and executed campaigns for Ikea, Tattsbett, Pizza Capers and more but their latest project is one of their most satisfying.
Says Zeremes: "We've been working as corporate trainers for a while and decided to bring this unique communication focused training to the advertising space."

Says Edmonds: "Yeah. Basically, we take all our skills as actors, writers, directors - bundle it up, and share it with agency folk, so they can smash their presentations out of the park."

Adds Zeremes: "It's amazing what you pick up from over two decades in the entertainment industry. Things we take for granted, but are actually really helpful to others."

The duo's got a pretty impressive list of corporate clients already, from Flight Centre to Commbank to Woolworths, and now they plan on sharing the love with the ad world.

Concludes Edmonds: "We have a lot of simple and practical and tools to share that make a huge difference to the quality of peoples pitches. Our approach is fun, but super focussed. And we know the ad space really well, so we speak the same language."

They have launched a full re-brand of their new venture. Workshops can be for individuals to groups in the hundreds - with timings from two hours to two days.

To get a sense of their flavour - watch this keynote.

Visit now and let Edmonds and Zeremes make a difference to your next pitch.

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Confused said:

At first, I honestly thought this was an elaborate joke. But after going to the website, I'm still not sure.

TruthBeTold said:

Some friendly business advice fellas - when you post testimonies on your website NAME them - who they are, don't just print their title. It looks suss and it comes across you wrote them yourselves. Take a leaf out of Linkedin's way of recommending. Be honest and transparent and people will believe you and ergo LIKE you. Just sayin'.

matt said:

Thanks for the feedback:)

TruthBeTold said:

No worries. Apply the same morals to your business as you would to yourself and building relationships. Whether it's business or personal - there is no difference. Good luck :)

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