CHE Proximity celebrates 5th birthday by launching a gin that tastes like Australia

CHEP_DATA_GIN_IMAGE (1).jpgCHE Proximity has decoded the Australian spirit and put it in a bottle - literally.
The agency partnered with craft distillery Four Pillars to create the world's first run of data-inspired gin, based on cultural trends, social attitudes and the genetic make-up of the country.
Data-Distilled Gin was commissioned to celebrate the agency's 5th birthday, with a bottle gifted to each of CHE Proximity's clients and its team of 305 specialists across CHEP's Sydney and Melbourne campuses.
A spectrum of data sources revealing Australian's ancestral identification, travel habits, wellness goals and food preferences, were applied to inspire the gin's distillation process.
Says Chris Howatson, CEO, CHE Proximity: "For the last five years we've used data to better understand customers, and with this insight, create experiences that are personal, scalable and unmissable.
"Our data-distilled gin is simply a fun way to mark five years of hard work and recognise our clients for their partnership and loyalty."
The data revealed more than a third (36.1 per cent) of Australians claim a British heritage, inspiring the gin's juniper berry base and cardamom undertones - a reference to the British migration through the spice routes and East Indies.
An infusion of the traditional Indonesian spice, cubeb, marked the steady 8.5 per cent rise in the popularity of Indonesian escapes over the last decade.
The inclusion of superfoods - including turmeric, orris root and macadamia nuts - reference the 82 per cent of the population who regularly spend money on improving their health and wellbeing.
With Chinese food topping the nation's preferred cuisine list for the fourth year running, Cameron Mackenzie, Four Pillars' founder and distiller, added touches of ginger, coriander seeds, Szechuan pepper and a shot of lemon to finish 'the nation's gin'.
Says Mackenzie: "As a distillery, we have an appetite for the experimental. The CHE Proximity and Four Pillars partnership was an opportunity to work with one of the world's great data-driven agencies whose growth trajectory, like our own, has been born out of restless innovation.
"This project has drawn on each company's respective crafts to create the true spirit of Australia, one which is imbued with its residents' unique and inimitable character."

For more information about CHE Proximity, click here.

For more information about Four Pillars, click here.


Drunk on self-promotion said:

Bottoms up!

??? said:

are these guys for real?

owmyeye said:

Some looooooong bows drawn there...

Data said:

Aussies are a nation of alcoholics

Perfectly on brand said:

Talks a big data game, but the actual inputs are laughable and the entire thing is little more than attempted PR fodder.

Yep, that sounds like everything CHE do!

Data infused BS said:

Preach! What a load of shit.

TV shows from the 70's said... said:

My favourite episode of the Brady Bunch is titled "The Winner". It's the one where the Brady family awards the youngest Brady, Bobby, a trophy 'For Trying Harder Than Anyone We Know'. Today, CHE Proximity, this award goes to you.

So open your gin, take a long, refreshing drink of data and enjoy the full episode here:

Giggle said:

this is just so shit

Wow said:

They really do try too hard....

It's not as shit as... said:

..."Join the 2 tribe".
That, indeed, is the very definition of try-hard.

How old? said:

Six years old?

Come on...their bedrock clients have been there longer.

What a misrepresentation of the past

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