Clemenger Melbourne promotes Gayle While to deputy CEO and Simon Lamplough to MD role

Clems_announcement.jpgClemenger BBDO Melbourne has announced the promotion of Gayle While (left) to the newly created role of deputy CEO and Simon Lamplough (centre) to the role of managing director.

Says Nick Garrett (right), CEO, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne CEO: "In Gayle and Simon we have two of the best and most progressive leaders in the industry and I am thrilled for them personally and professionally. Their drive, vision and passion for great work, coupled with their focus on where the industry is heading, will play a major part in the future evolution of our agency and ensuring we are well placed to tackle the ever-changing needs of our clients and consumers for years to come.
"Both roles will report into me, but they will work together and share the responsibility for driving our business strategy forward, cultural transformation and of course to help the whole agency 'make the work better'."

Lamplough moves in to the agency managing director role from his current role as managing director, Myer. He will retain leadership of the Myer team as part of his expanded agency remit.

Says Lamplough: "I'm delighted to get this chance to step forward and help drive our agencies' change agenda. There is so much we do well, but so much we still need to learn and get better at. I have huge respect for Gayle, and getting the chance to partner with her in this new leadership role is very exciting. Together we hope to achieve a lot."

Throughout his time at Clemenger, Lamplough has played a lead role in some of the agencies' most creative and highly awarded projects. He's worked across a wide raft of agency business and demonstrated his passion for helping clients embrace new thinking and change.

While has moved in to her role as deputy CEO after an impressive 18 months with the agency, where she has made a big impact in a short period of time.

Says While: "I couldn't be more excited than to partner with Simon to support James and Nick in shaping Clemenger BBDO Melbourne for the future. Together, Simon and I hope to build on the agency's history of great ideas and to drive our continual transformation into a leading modern creative agency not only in the Australian market, but globally."

She played a huge role in the evolution of the agencies capabilities, including a much stronger CX voice across the building. While has been pivotal on some of our biggest pitch wins and as a leader has taken our relationship with a number of clients, particularly NAB to a new level.

Says Garrett: "James McGrath and I couldn't be happier to provide them with these opportunities, they deserve it on so many levels and we know they will be brilliant."


Hola said:

Well done Gayle, bringing some balance to the force.

Wayne Rooney said:

That guy on the right looks a lot like Beckham...

I've seen it from afar said:

Lock up the ladies.

Clemenger 2.0 said:

Suddenly Clems look progressive and the Monkeys look old fashioned. Who would have thought?

Get a real job heady heights said:

Have you ever worked in an agency? Do you understand even the basics of business and factors contributing to profit or loss? How is this Simons fault?

Feebee said:

We all like to think that advertising can solve the world's problems, but blaming Simon & Clemenger for Myer's business results is a bit of a stretch. Well done Gayle & Simon on your appointments. You richly deserve them.

Agency's said:

Not agencies'. I guess spelling isn't a strong point. Why wouldn't they have gone with Co-MDs instead of a 3 layered approach? An old school hierarchy while most organizations are trying to get flatter and leaner as they 'pivot' to become more 'agile'.

@ the heady heights said:

* slow hand clap *

In an ocean of idiots you, sir, stand out as king of the morons.

Leo said:

Nice one Gayle

T said:

They are both outstanding professionals and will continue to ensure Clemenger stays ahead of the pack

@the heady heights - you are clearly a disgruntled ex employee who couldn't perform, if you're not and that comment is coming from your brain. Then you really are king of the morons. Keep trolling brother because you're never going to be make it in advertising.

A bit of perspective said:

Let's not be too harsh on @heady heights- if Myer had increased its sales by 80% lately, Im sure Simon and his boss on the right would be claiming all the credit for it. Ad people love to claim it when it works- and when it doesn't we blame the "basics of business and other factors".

Ad critic said:

'Deputy CEO' must be a new title for adland.

Congrats to Gayle for making an impact in such a short time. The Clemenger senior merry-go-round is not an easy ride

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