DDB Group Australia promotes Nicole Taylor from managing director to CEO role at DDB Sydney

Nicole-235.jpgDDB Group Australia has promoted Nicole Taylor from managing director to CEO of DDB Sydney.

Taylor's promotion is reflective of her huge impact on new business and existing clients over the last few years as Managing Director.

"Nic has led the Sydney DDB team to fantastic growth this year with big wins like Virgin Australia and the consolidation of McDonald's," DDB Group Australia CEO Andrew Little said.

"Nic is such a wonderful person. She is sharp as a tack but one of the most down to earth
people I know. This is a very popular appointment across our Group in Australia."

"DDB Sydney is a big agency by Australian standards but has the culture of a much smaller one. Much of that is down to Nic's leadership," he said.

Taylor said she's looking forward to continuing growing the agency into the future: "I firmly believe having a diverse and inclusive agency culture creates better work and business success, which is why I've made it such a focus at DDB Sydney.

"DDB's people, in addition to being 'talented and nice' as Bill Bernbach said, really are the difference. I love working with such exceptional people, and I'm excited for DDB Sydney's future," she said.


Ex-DDB said:

Nicole is awesome. This is excellent news.

Matty G said:

Absolute legend. Congrats Nic!

BJ said:

Way to go Nic! No better person to nurture culture and creativity. Well deserved!

Nadia said:

Well deserved. Congrats.

Jesus said:

Well done Nic, spectacular news and well deserved.

Shelley Stone said:

Congratulations Nic, tremendous news!

Graham said:

Such wonderful news; Congrats Nic!

Austin said:

Congratulations Nicole! So deserved! Stunning news. ;)

Jane C said:

Well done Nicole and great decision AL!

Jossy said:

Best Ad news of the year. Congrats Nic, keep smashing it!

Well done Nicole and AL said:

But remember the women and men who sweat for you in the creative department, they also deserve promotions. Don't recognize them and you'll soon have a leak that won't be easy to plug.

AnnieK said:

Congrats Nic, awesome news! And promoted because of positive influence on new business and culture. That's the goods. AnnieK

Nice one Nic! said:

^ Agreed! There have been leaks from creative and more the even more overlooked production department before. They've even caused these themselves when they let go of integral people.

Ex-DDBoomer! said:

Nic for President! :)

Nitsa Lotus said:

A massive congratulations!

Jess T said:

Well done Nic! Amazing news :)

ScenesByDean said:

Congratulations Nic. Completely and utterly deserved after all this time ;)

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