Hyundai partners up with Auggd and Ansible to launch augmented reality showroom via Initiative

HyundaiAR1 (1).jpgMobile solutions agency Ansible and augmented and virtual experience business Auggd have combined to release breakthrough technology to assist Hyundai dealers present hidden benefits and features of the recently produced Reinvented i30.

In partnership with Hyundai's media agency Initiative, Ansible and Auggd have introduced AR technology to Hyundai dealers via an app, allowing Hyundai consultants to reveal hidden special aspects of the reinvented i30.

HyundaiAR2 (1).jpgSays Nick Cook, product marketing manager, Hyundai: "The Hyundai AR Showroom app allows our dealers to visually demonstrate the safety and performance features of the i30, as well as colour and accessory options on a real vehicle using Augmented Reality. As a brand, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve customers experience within the dealership environment. This app gives dealers the ability to demonstrate key features of the car that would be otherwise difficult to showcase within the showroom environment, particularly, without holding extensive inventory."

Says Robert Lang, CEO at Auggd: "This is a real-world customer experience for AR. It is well beyond any gimmick application and provides Hyundai with an engaging way to demonstrate hidden features and aspects of choice such as safety components, colour and other choices offered in the Reinvented i30."

Says Ara Ko, head of mobile marketing, Ansible: "Dealerships that focus on customer experience will enjoy better sales results in the long term. The Australian auto industry is facing the challenge of extremely empowered consumers and a significant increase of in-home research. The showroom experience is rapidly evolving to take advantage of customer attention when they step into a dealership. The AR Showroom experience will excite customers, especially the tech savvy ones."


Nope. said:

People go into dealerships to see the cars in the flesh (or metal). Don't put another screen between them and what they came to do: sit in, feel and drive the car.

Yes people are more informed than ever, so don't think that augmented overlays are going to blow their minds. This is great content for online, or anywhere people don't actually have access to the car or someone who knows anything about the car.

Unfortunately this puts AR firmly in the gimmick section of advertising.

Dope said:

How wrong you'll be in time Mr Nope - for some buying a car it's simply about the styling, badge value, others it's more about what makes up that car. Nothing better than the entire picture!!

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