In The Thicket adds five award-winning directors to its roster and a new executive producer

PR ITT1.jpgIn The Thicket has announced a newly appointed executive producer, Genevieve Triquet. Alongside Triquet comes a line-up of fresh exciting talent; award-winning directors Francois Rousselet, Fleur Fortune, Helmi, Alex Courtes and Mrzyk & Moriceau, each with their own compelling and unique visual style.

Coming from Division, they have directed International campaigns for premium global brands, such as Nike, Lynx, Dior, Adidas, Audi, as well as music videos for the likes of Drake, M83 and The Avalanches.
With over 10 years experience as an EP, Triquet has produced award winning campaigns with big names such as Sofia Coppola, Noam Murro, Steve Rogers and more.

Says Triquet: "I'm thrilled to bring new directors, with a visually stunning style to the Australian market."

Says Stephan Renard, managing director, In The Thicket: "It's an exciting time for In The Thicket, equipped with a full team of visionary directors, we can push our production craft and value to new levels."

To view their work please, click here.

For any further info please contact Genevieve Triquet:


Getting a clear picture said:

So, they do porn then? Or just choose someone licking a 'butt ice cream' as the best they've done?

Jeff said:

Love these new guys.

Border Security said:

Looks like half of Paris is moving here...

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