iSelect moves on from Leo Burnett, Melbourne; conducts creative pitch for Life Admin Store

pr_stills_07 - iSelect and Leo Burnett - 18.4.16 (1)-thumb-400x225-216025.jpgiSelect has announced today that they have decided to conduct a creative pitch for the launch of its new Life Admin Store strategy. After discussions, Leo Burnett Melbourne has elected not to participate in the pitch process, which won the creative account in September 2015.

iSelect will now immediately commence a competitive pitch process to appoint a new creative agency to guide the next stage of its brand journey as they continue its evolution to become Australia's Life Admin Store. The new agency will be responsible for all marketing strategy and delivery including above-the-line, digital and one-to-one advertising.
iSelect thanked the Leo Burnett Melbourne team for their hard work and support over the past two years as they transitioned the brand from Mr. iSelect to the new "Always Get It Right" platform.

Says Geraldine Davys, chief marketing officer of iSelect: "Together, we have had some great achievements of which both teams should be very proud and we wish Leo Burnett all the best for the future."

Says Melinda Geertz, CEO of Leo Burnett: "We're proud of the growth we've helped iSelect deliver over the last two years, and we wish them the very best in their next chapter."


A. Nonymous said:


Clients these days... said:

Isn't this a shame. The team at Leo's did some really lovely work on this account. They did great engaging ads. Solid positioning line. And more importantly, clarity around what the product actually does. Yet it still wasn't enough to keep the account. What happened to the days when you could keep a client more than a couple of years? Clients in Australia need to take a good hard look at themselves - So fickle. For the record, I don't work at Leo's.

Not at Leo's said:

+1 on clients these days. Certain people in the industry have a habit of going from client role to client role, disrupting an otherwise functional and competent agency setup and portfolio of work, with little regard for impact.

? said:

Never understood why iSelect left AJF in the first place.

@? said:

Ask AJF why ISelect left them. Tipping it's the same reason they left Leo's. Nothing to do with either of the agency's performance.

??? said:

Same reason for ditching Leo's (plus mr iselect had run its course) - a marketing director who felt she needed new agencies despite huge success and both agencies slogging it. A reputation like iselect's doesn't just create itself.

Thinking about pitching said:

Should I?

@thinking said:

Run. Run a mile

Why? said:

Too many clients just don't get the value of persistence and consistency.
It takes time.

mmm said:

nek minute pwc

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