Marmalade Melbourne shows its support for Marriage Equality with 'Spinning Wheel of Yes'

5 (1).jpgTo reinforce which side of the fence they clearly sit on, the crew at Marmalade Melbourne have created their latest show of support with a unique Plakkit Poster campaign.

The posters depict the spinning rainbow wheel that appears when a Mac has stalled, but this time using the true spectrum of the LGBTQI Rainbow colours.  


Ray said:

Where there's a wheel, there's a way. #voteyes

Hats off said:

Congrats for ripping off an idea.

:/ said:

Co-opting a social issue like this to plug your agency?
Seems a little stinky to me

NO said:

Can't wait to see how you leverage Anzac Day to plug your agency.

I like it said:

I like it

Snooze said:

Award school grad called
they want their work back

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