McCann's Pat Baron + Heok Seong Ng to present talk on cultural creativity at Spikes: Thurs Sept 28

5 (1).jpg3ee5493.jpgCB Exclusive - McCann Worldgroup's Pat Baron, chief creative officer, Australia and Heok Seong Ng, chief creative officer, Malaysia, will present a talk at Spikes Asia titled 'Is the Global Creative Idea Dead? Long Live Cultural Creativity', at 2pm Thursday 28th September.

Baron and Seong will discuss how globalisation, technology, social and economic development are rapidly colliding with traditional beliefs and answer how creativity manifests itself in a region as diverse as APAC, whilst gradually transforming culture. In a regional, and ultimately global industry, how do we learn to appreciate each other's creativity without making every different offering totally homogeneous?
Says Baron: "For brands to earn their way into local cultures and the everyday lives of people our cultural differences should be celebrated in today's globalised world."

Join Baron and Seong as they reflect on the concept of creativity within the framework of a global and local world.

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