MEC and Maxus merge to become Wavemaker

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 11.04.27 am.jpgThe new billion-dollar revenue, media, content and technology agency to be created from the merger of MEC and Maxus will be named 'Wavemake'.

Making waves happens when media, content and technology come together - activating against our unrivalled purchase journey understanding for the clients we represent.

The brand mark Wavemake reflects the agency's heritage, born from WPP and GroupM.
Says Tim Castree, global CEO of MEC and Wavemaker: "Our purpose is to provide advertisers with the power to transform and grow their business through our Purchase Journey obsession; and importantly to do this through the integration of Purchase Journey insights and data with [m]PLATFORM, GroupM's proprietary global audience technology.  Our Wavemaker brand and positioning is a compelling manifestation of that purpose."

Says Kelly Clark, global CEO of GroupM: "Wavemaker is an exciting new global agency brand with a powerful proposition for clients. Tim and his team have the full support of GroupM's scale, resources and expertise."

The brand, along with a new visual identity, will go live locally as the merger completes in each country, to be finalised by January 2018. Wavemaker will have offices in 90 countries and over 8,500 employees. Major global clients include L'Oréal, Vodafone, Marriott, Colgate-Palmolive and Paramount.


Wouldn't normally rate a mention... said:

Having worked on a few naming/brand creating projects, it's bloody hard to find a name that's relevant, evocative, and that the receptionist won't feel like an idiot after saying it hundreds of times a day.
And you can get the domain for...
Job done.
And it's a shit-load better than 'Thinkerbell'. (Little up-chuck in mouth)...

You shouldn't have mentioned it. said:

If you're any good at all you've been part of naming, launching or rebranding, it's part of the business. This however is not a good name. It's the name you'd pick in 1984 if you were a cutting edge wind surfing company. Today it simply denotes a company with so few clues that they would think this name is a good one. If you work there you might as well stick a post it on your forehead with fucktard written on it. Imagine a client worth their chops saying "I'll pop over to wavemaker, apparently they can give me a strategy that will make waves" baaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaa. Pathetic.

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