Ozmosis invites surfers and skaters to #PayWithPain in new campaign via Ugly

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 1.20.59 pm.jpgAustralian chain of surf and skate stores Ozmosis has launched a new campaign via Ugly, that invites customers to pay, not with cash or credit cards but with scars, scrapes and bruises.

Customers will be able to go into any of Ozmosis' fifty-five stores and show a scar, scrape or bruise to a staff member or upload a photo to social media with #PayWithPain to receive exclusive deals.

BV5oSloqGUVVibBVwGx1P-2HP_aPdN3MeB5ojVyk_Eo.jpgThis is the first work from new creative boutique, Ugly, recently opened in Sydney by former Anomaly Amsterdam CEO, Hazelle Klønhammer, Whybin TBWA ECD, Gary McCreadie, and M&C Saatchi Sydney Head of Strategy, Ross Berthinussen.

Says McCreadie: "More than a promotion, the campaign is a philosophy about life. That in pursuing our passions we get knocked down but those failures make us better."

Says Jo Aird, marketing manager of Ozmosis: "We're stoked with how Ugly took a promotional brief and turned it into something bigger. It's a great example of them using creativity to solve ugly problems."

The campaign will run across a variety of youth and surf and skate focused media and in and around skate parks and shopping malls. It also includes an influencer outreach and partnership with surf content platform, Stab.Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 4.22.45 pm.jpg

Says McCreadie: "To connect with this audience we had to be real. Really real. You can't just talk to this generation in the language of advertising, and expect them to do anything, it doesn't work. You have to respect the things they respect and understand that their lives aren't these utopian fairy-tales of driving their VW Combi up the coast, listening to Jack Johnson in a perpetual, golden dusk scenario."

Says Klønhammer: "Behind every brave campaign is a brave client. The retail environment is becoming an increasingly tough nut to crack, so it's inspiring to see brands like Ozmosis shake thingsScreen Shot 2017-09-21 at 4.23.03 pm.jpg up."

Creative - Ugly
Photography - Sabine Schwarz
Production Company - Chee Productions
Edit and Post Production - Carve and Stitch
Sound Design and Mix - Sonar
Media - Bohemia
PR and Influencer outreach - Hidden Characters

Photographer - Sabine Schwarz
Production Company - Chee Productions
Executive Producer - Matt Chee
Freya Berentsen - Project Coordinator
Senior Print Producer - Leanne Cummerford
Executive Digital Producer - Gemma Heyes
Digital Designer - Kentaro Yoshida
Head of Retouching - Adam Holden
Senior Retoucher - Richard Huges
Senior Finished Artist - Salvatore Liseo

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 4.23.16 pm.jpg


emil said:

i like it a lot

boringAF said:

I think these guys need to look at where sports marketing has been and where it's going. Under Armour is a great example. Montage's of sporting fails off the internet is not brave - just an over used, stereotypical insight. What a planning and strategy epic fail. And a client paid for this is - #epicfail. This comment right here had me in stitches though 'we had to be real. Really real.'

@boringAF said:


jesus mate, having a bad day?

I skate and surf and i can see this working. cuts and scrapes are a bi-product of the sports.

Under Armour do amazing stuff, but Ozmosis is totally different.

needs a bit social push behind it but, lets see the results before you start shit canning it eh

Gash said:


Russty said:

I think it's simple and will work well with audience

Sopostingthis said:

I like everything, except the last line in the TV. It pushed this into try-hard territory which is a shame.

Show ya ma gash said:

Surf board fin chop equals months outta the water but a sweet deal on gear? Farken count me in bra! Ive got a mortgage worth of surfboard and snowboard and skateboard injuries. I love this more than grinding the coping or chucking buckets. You’re! Out there.

HJ said:

Cool idea. Needs greater clarity; skateboarding/surfing celeb to grade the scars online to decide how much it's worth etc.

Would get A LOT more mileage this way.

State of limitations said:

Sik. Can I bring in a bunch of scars from my youth? Anyway, like it and I love Gaz's comment about kombis and sunsets. Lame.

Another Art Director said:

Really clever. Well done guys. Should be proud. Fun stuff.

Jury's in said:

I mean...

The best comments from people (not advertising tossers) were these:
There's an idiot born every minute
What a stupid idea

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