RACQ launches Bank and new brand platform in new campaign via Clemenger Brisbane

RACQ has today launched RACQ Bank, along with a new brand platform, 'more for members', developed with Clemenger Brisbane and UM, and produced by Kiosk and Alt.vfx. 

The campaign uses a 3D Google Tilt Brush effect to visualise the more we want in life - the more that RACQ makes happen. 'More for members' will incorporate brand, product and retail campaigns, and will roll out across all channels.

Says Renee Davidson, General Manager Marketing at RACQ: "RACQ is a much-loved and trusted Queensland brand. As a mutual organisation everything we do is for the benefit of our members and our Queensland community. 

"With the launch of RACQ Bank, we needed a brand platform that would not only help to demonstrate our mutuality in a meaningful way, but also deliver on our vision of a fresh approach to banking.

"The launch of RACQ Bank is a world-first for autoclubs and represents a two year journey for RACQ, QT Mutual Bank and our members."

Adds Marianne O'Brien, Creative Director of Clemenger Brisbane: "Mutuality is a complex thing to try to explain. But the platform, 'more for members' says it simply and connects to the human desire to want more in life. RACQ offers more savings, more peace-of-mind, more for your home, your car and now with RACQ Bank, more for your money."

Agency: Clemenger Brisbane

Creative Directors: Cristian Staal & Marianne O'Brien 
Art Director: Chris Connolly
Copywriter: Rosie Double
Strategy Director: Gay Chinchen

Managing Director: Rob Hudson

Client Services Director: Christine Gannon

Account Director: Emilie Almond
Account Coordinator: Brooke Howatson
Agency Producer: Robyn Dodd

Production Company: Kiosk
Director: Ryan Renshaw
DoP: Joel Betts

Producer: Sara Taghaode 

Music:  The Jungle Giants
Sound: Ack Kinmonth & Rosco Audio
Photographer: Elisabeth Harvey, Compadre

Post Production & Visual Effects: Alt. vfx
Vfx Supervisor: Colin Renshaw
Post & Vfx Producer: Celeste Fairlie
Vfx Co-Ordinator: Jayce Attewell
Offline Editor: Matt Bennett
Colourist: Andrew Clarkson
Illustrator/VR Artist: Harry Gold
Illustrator: Kat Bak
3D Animation: Jay Loanzon, John Trudgian, Chris Rentoul
3D Rigging/TD: Jordan Mcinnes
3D Lighting & Rendering: Martin Kindl, Chris Gardner                                                                       2D Compositing: Murray Smallwood, Matt Chance, Phil Outen
Online Editor: Ant Newton 
Shoot Supervisor: Jonathan Dearing

Client: RACQ
General Manager Marketing: Renee Davidson
Manager Member Acquisition Marketing: Kyra Dunstan
Senior Marketing Specialist: Helen Dearling
Senior Marketing Specialist: Kylie King
Senior Marketing Specialist: Kelly Gorry
Senior Marketing Specialist: Kelly Tam
Senior Marketing Specialist: Kristin Fairley
Marketing Specialist: Blaze Montgomery
Marketing Specialist: Tamara Browning
Marketing Coordinator: Jess Mason-Cox


cool. said:

Great ad for tilt brush.

Wee wee said:

Helicopter wee. Nice touch.

More what? said:

What the fuck was that? It said nothing, yet exactly the same as every other brand montage spot. And that gimmicky tilt brush visualisation thing was just strange. More shite.

Diversity said:

Looks like equality is alive and well in the RACQ marketing department. Either way, it's a lot of people to approve something as average as that

Seriously said:

Stick any logo on that ad as it is generic fluff that's says absolutely nothing meaningful. Huge waste of money. Stinks like a management by committee job geared for an internal audience. Maybe bring back the old RACQ ads that at least had personality and humour!

Chris and Rosie said:

Nice work Chris and Rosie

Brisbane is so lame said:

Tilt brush. What the hell has it got to do with anything RACQ? So lame.
And tilt brush was a new thing in July 2016. So its not even cool anymore. Next.

Come again... said:

What is that all supposed to mean? Oh.... a visual effect, let's use that in place of an idea!

Qtmb member said:

It's not a new bank. It's a rebrand of QTMB after they were merged. As a QTMB customer I'm devastated that I now bank with RACQ. The transition for members has been very negative.. I'm going to close my account. I have been with QTMB since I was a kid. Very sad. Th

Keith said:

Where and WHY did we lose any mention of QTCU?

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