RMIT advertising graduates 'up for sale' at 2017 Pitch Night held Wednesday, Oct 4, Melbourne

ayJ_5E4fcfYv7Fa6FHlBFiz_R6dx6d3Is99gwEmVFjA.jpgIt's​ ​almost​ ​that​ ​time​ ​of​ ​year​ ​again,​ ​with​ ​RMIT's​ ​finest​ ​Advertising​ ​graduates​ ​'up​ ​for​ ​sale'​ ​this​ ​October 4t​h​.​​

Following​​ the ​​huge ​​success​​ of​​ previous​​ years,​​ 2017​​ marks ​​the​​ sixth ​​instalment ​​of ​​the ​​annual graduate​ ​and​ ​industry​ ​networking​ ​event. This year's Pitch Night will be held on Wednesday, October 4, at RMIT Storey Hall, Swanston St, Melbourne,​ ​with​ ​doors​ ​opening​ ​at​ ​5:30pm​ ​and​ ​an​ ​official​ ​start​ ​time​ ​of​ ​7pm.

Pitch Night is best known for its unique speed dating interview structure, where students are given 10​ ​minutes​ ​to​ ​pitch​ ​to​ ​top​ ​industry​ ​professionals​ ​in​ ​the​ ​hopes​ ​of​ ​landing​ ​a​ ​job.

The theme this year? The Pre-Sale. Developed as a close-to-home retail inspired concept that reflects the conventions of the industry. Mannequins represent prime and polished industry ready grads that are up for grabs. ​Those in attendance will be able to browse through portfolios and essentially​ ​'try​ ​before​ ​they​ ​buy.'

The student run event is not-for-profit and relies solely on sponsorships for its success. The result is a once a year opportunity for Australia's top agencies to come together, network and indulge in our award winning catering and crafted beverages, all whilst shopping for talent. A new gallery feature has also been introduced this year, showcasing student's work and maximising an agency's 'opportunity​ ​to​ ​buy.'

Tickets and sponsorship packages can be purchased at ​ and will be available until September 25. ​The Pitch Night team strongly encourages a diverse mix of guests, with hopes of representation​ ​of​ ​different​ ​departments​ ​and​ ​unique​ ​agencies.


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