SumoSalad goes flexitarian in newly launched 'This Is How I Flex' campaign via Futurekind

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.17.55 pm.jpgSumoSalad is on a mission to help create a happier, healthier Australia with its new spring campaign, This Is How I Flex created by Sydney-based agency Futurekind.

SumoSalad is calling for Australians to stand proud of their health and how they take care of themselves in their new campaign for Spring, bringing the 'Flextiarian' trend to life in a celebration of our individual choices for wellbeing.

Futurekind developed the campaign for Sumo from concept creation to strategy, production and media execution. With a short turnaround times and a lean approach required, Futurekind produced and directed a 1-day campaign shoot - racing through an ambitious 16 scenes in 12 locations for all 3 Influencers and 4 Star Sumo Members to capture both the campaign video and stills.

The Spring campaign celebrates individuality in our lifestyles and being proud of personal choices. With popular figures Commando Steve of Biggest Loser, Erin Holland our former Miss World Australia and Dr Zac Turner from The Today Show - Sumo is bringing to life the fun, individual and unexpected ways we choose to 'Flex' in our lifestyle.

Being a Flextiarian is about not only taking care of ourselves and the planet, but enjoying a balanced and healthy lifestyle with variety and choice in the food that we eat.

Sometimes the word boring has been thrown around when it comes to salad, or even for eating healthy.

The campaign challenge was to get past outdated (and positively unhelpful) ideas that salad might be boring, or unsatisfying. Sumo wanted to get its customers to understand the concept of being healthy as something fun, fresh and inspiring that will satisfy on every level through a creative, authentic and personal experience.

The campaign inspires influencers and real-life SUMO customers to share their stories on social media with #thisishowiflex. Delivering a strong message, in spite of its tongue-in-cheek fun - its all about conveying that anyone can do it, and should be proud of how they flex. SUMO's goal is not only to inspire customers to maintain a fun and flexible regime, but feel supported in recognising the variety of choice they have for healthy eating.


Sumo sized disaster said:

There's a time and a place for this work. This isn't the place. We all have to do crap like this now and then but you don't PR it!

Horrendous!!! said:

Commando Steve didn’t even get his salad from Sumo... He made it himself! What is this doing for Sumo Salad? Seriously Futurekind?

Sumo sized disaster said:

There's a time and a place for this work. This isn't the place. We all have to do crap like this now and then but you don't PR it!

Vomit said:

This is bloody horrible.

seriously?? said:

F%^& when will agencies and brands STOP inventing stupid terms like FLEXITARIAN. If you invent a term to talk about a new behaviour at least to it with fantastical, hyperbole based creative not this lame lifestyle stuff. In what world did Sumo Salad think this work would connect with 20-35yr old fitness focused/gym obsessed guys? It's bad on every level.

Salad lover said:

I like it! Nice eye candy, and food looks wonderful too. Appealing stuff.

Salad Lover too said:

This is pure and utter crap. No doubt about it. Why would anyone PR it here? Haven't they ever seen the work that is much better than this and still gets loads of negative comments thrown at it? Here's a new word, 'Masochitarians'.

Oh dear oh dear said:

Quite possibly the worst thing I have ever seen.

Lousy Product said:

Of course you have to separate any product from its marketing, but I had a Sumo Salad on a flight to Bali the other week and it was shit.

No advertising in the world would ever tempt me to try he product again.

Gi Jane said:

This is so lame.

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