Surf Live Saving Australia unveils TVC via KWP! part of SBS Media's Diversity Works Challenge

SLSA_STILLS.1001_LOW_RES (1).jpgEarlier this year the SBS Diversity Works Challenge called for the Australian advertising industry to think with diversity and to reflect the real Australia in their marketing campaigns. KWP! was announced as the winner with its concept for Surf Life Saving Australia and that winning concept has now come to life as a television commercial, which launched last night on SBS.

The commercial titled "The Ocean"  highlights the inherent danger of said ocean while drawing attention to Surf Life Saving Australia's inclusive approach to membership.

Says Corey Swaffer, creative director KWP! talking about the concept behind the commercial: "The ocean does not discriminate in its choice to take people. But, thankfully, Surf Life Saving Australia does not discriminate in its mission to save people. Nor does it discriminate in its approach to membership."

Says Melissa King, CEO, Surf Life Saving: "This is not diversity for the sake of diversity. This is about building a Surf Life Saving organisation that is reflective of the diverse community it serves."

The prize for the SBS Diversity Works Challenge was $1million worth of airtime across the SBS Media platforms, a prize that King says will have a huge impact on the volunteer-based Surf Life Saving Australia.

Agency: KWP!
Creative Director: Corey Swaffer
Senior Writer: Corey Swaffer
Partner/Managing Director: John Baker
Partner/Strategy Director: David O'Loughlin
Partner/General Manager Media: Natalie Morley
Head of Production: Georgina Toole
Production Company: Playbig Film
Director: Rey Carlson
D.O.P: Andrew Buckley
Executive Producer: Craig Sloane
Audio Company: Final Sound
Sound Engineer: Craig Conway
Sound Engineer: Paul Shanahan
Post Production House: The Editors
Editor: Stu Morley
Production Manager: Nicole Richardson
1st AC: Fabio Vita
Camera Attachment: Christian Barbeitos
Key Grip: Josh Hamill
Grip Assistant: James Corrigan
Make-up: Michelle Aikin
Safety Officer: Brian Grogan
Safety Diver: Greg Robinson
Safety Diver: Ray Anthony
Medic: Bob McCarron
Drone Operator: Matt Chang
Drone Technician: Darian Woods
Casting: Peta Einberg Casting


mr love said:

Take all the shit that gets dredged up when you talk about diversity, worthiness, and the point of having to bribe people to make an ad that ‘reflective of modern Australia’ out of this and its a nice little ad. Most importantly it made me want to join up and get my kids to join up to be part of something well worthwhile.

Dejavu said:

The ocean doesn't discriminate is nice but I wish they pushed the idea further.
It is also very similar in tone and the way it's shot to the Samsung & Surf Living Australia, PocketPatrol VR experience .... only not as powerful. Even the drowning scene is identical.
Missed opportunity.

Marko said:

Great ad .... if this was 1979!
So underwhelming.

@ Dejavu said:

Are you serious? you tard...

@Dejavu@Dejavu said:

Yes the person is serious. This is lame in comparison.

Virtuous White Privilege said:

SLSA is a volunteer organisation whose members have the privilege of paying to volunteer to risk their lives to save others

Did anyone every say the men and women of the SLSA were a bunch of racist homophobic Nazis?


So why spend so much hard earned volunteers' money virtue signalling or was it just an opportunity too good to miss to fill the pockets of advertising executives and TV companies?

Still it is nice to know my mates will still continue to risk their lives saving white middle aged heterosexual males

If they don't it will be the last time I buy them a beer.

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