Sydney's top creatives and exec producers get together for Little Black Book Legendary Lunch - sponsored by Alt.vfx, Taxi Film + ARC EDIT

1.jpg7.jpgThe annual Little Black Book Legendary Lunch for Sydney's top creatives and production company execs is currently underway, jointly sponsored by top visual effects company Alt.vfx, film production company Taxi Film and editing company ARC EDIT.

Incidentally, the occasion also marks the 30th anniversary of Campaign Brief, which has represented LBB in Australia and New Zealand for the last few years, helping to make the Australasian region one of LBB's top 4 markets.

The invitation only lunch is exclusive to LBB member agencies and production companies. For LBB membership enquiries contact:




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Where is he? said:

Its not a lunch without Booker.

Fashionista said:

Looks like a great day! Susie Philips, can you please tell me what sunglasses you have, I love them.

Razor said:

Top lunch with excellent company on a perfect afternoon.Well done all involved !

Charity said:

Thank you for a fantastic day !

garyd said:

Indeed, thanks for a top day!

Coppafeel said:

Top luncheon, with the usual fun madness.

Go Rona!

Coppafeel said:

Top luncheon, with the usual fun madness.

Go Rona!

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