The University of Sydney launches its latest brand campaign 'Unlearn' via The Monkeys

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.46.04 am.jpgEstablishing itself as a thought leader with a re-imagined approach to undergraduate education, The University of Sydney has launched its new brand campaign, Unlearn, created by The Monkeys.

The new curriculum will be on offer from 2018 and represents the most significant change to education the University of Sydney has undertaken in a generation. The university's new model aims to better prepare graduates to succeed in a world where the careers and jobs of the future will be very different from today.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.45.43 am.jpgThe campaign demonstrates that while we've all been taught how to memorise facts and figures, not everyone has been taught how to unlearn - how to question the world, demolish social norms and rebuild new ones in their place.  The campaign will run across online, print andScreen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.45.20 am.jpg outdoor.

Says Barbara Humphries, creative director, The Monkeys: "This is a bold direction for the University to take and a perfect example of their Leadership for Good positioning. Unlearning can take us to places conventional learningScreen Shot 2017-09-18 at 8.46.23 am.jpg can't."

Says Johanna Lowe, deputy director, marketing and communications, The University of Sydney: "Giving our graduates the capacity to think critically and make a positive change in the world is at the heart of our undergraduate education model. The 'Unlearn' campaign reflects this progressive approach really well, and we hope it encourages our community to do some 'unlearning' too."

Client: The University of Sydney
Director, Marketing and Communications & Chief Marketing Officer: Marian Theobald
Deputy Director, Marketing and Communications: Johanna Lowe
Head, Brand and Marketing Services: Kerry Capsanis
Project and Brand Manager: Pia McMorran
Project and Brand Manager: Jessie Carter

Agency: The Monkeys
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Nowell
Creative Director: Barbara Humphries
Creative team: Chloe Banicevic and Archana Murugaser
Finished Artist: Lucinda Hansen
Designer: Lauren Elliot
Managing Director: Matthew Michael
Group Content Director: Kelly Spence
Content Director: Shannon Duhig
Senior Content Manager: Tim Leathart
Head of Production: Thea Carone
Senior Broadcast Producer: Christina Wilmot
Broadcast Producer: Ellen Fraser
Senior Integrated Producer: Sally Lankshear
Executive Planning Director: Fabio Buresti
Head of Strategy: Michael Hogg
Communications Strategy Director: Gary Peace
Production Company - PHOTOPLAY
Film Director - Michael Corridore
Producer - Emma Thompson
EP - Oliver Lawrance
Media: Rob Howes


Fees said:

They need to reimagine their fee structure... And maybe give a few places to local students who aren't from old money.

From what i hear Usyd is full of left-wing nut job lecturers.

qwerty said:

I wasn't a fan of the new brand and identity when it was done. The launch campaign with the crossed out messages was too offbeat to carry the point across, but this I really like.

Quality message, and nicely put together, on what clearly was a skinny budget. That takes some doing.

PS, no trolls, I dont work there nor know anyone from there

sweet as said:

love it, the execution of this idea is simple & really effective. Nice work to all involved

Linus said:

Nice animatic.Can't wait to see the TVC.

Broken Link said:

When I click on the link to watch the TV ad it takes me to a power point slide show.

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