WPP AUNZ agencies launch powerful + positive 'Let's get it done' campaign for marriage equality

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 10.06.46 am.jpgIn a show of cross group collaboration, a group of agencies from WPP AUNZ plus creative consultant Simon Collins, have created a simple and powerfully positive campaign in support of the YES vote for marriage equality.

The "let's get it done" campaign sends a strong call to action to all eligible Australian voters to seize the opportunity to vote YES in the postal survey. 

WPPANZ0027 096 1080x1920 1A (1).jpgSays Mike Connaghan, CEO, WPP AUNZ: "We have 5,500 employees who all care passionately about this issue and so when we were approached, a group of agencies jumped at the opportunity to work for the YES Equality Campaign and turbo charge the volunteer effort across the country.

The campaign is a collaborative effort between creative consultant, Simon Collins and creative agency, 1 Kent Street for creative concept and direction plus project management and delivery; Hogarth for production, film, photography, OOH, print and digital; and MediaCom for media strategy, planning and buying. Sydney's production community also rallied behind the issue and the project to deliver this campaign in a very short space of time.

Says Connaghan: "The cross-agency team andWPPANZ0027 097 1080x1920 2A (1).jpg Simon were determined to spread the message that all Australians deserve a fair go and should be able to choose whom they marry."

The campaign features a kaleidoscope of every day Australians - straight, gay, young, old, male, female, single or in a relationship - all saying let's get it done, vote YES and give all Australians a fair go.  It will run across all formats: TV (FTA and paid), radio, cinema, outdoor and digital and starts today.

Says Tim Gartrell, campaign director, YES Equality Campaign: "This is a vote about giving everyone the same opportunity to marry the person they love.  Across the country, millions of people are standing up for marriage equality because they believe in a fair go and equality for all of their friends and family members.

"The TVC is a call to action to all Australians who support marriage equality to remind themWPPANZ0027 098 1080x1920 3A (1).jpg that we cannot be complacent - they must tick the 'YES' box and post the survey back.  We also believe that the campaign ad will encourage supporters and get them and the people in their lives organised to vote while also providing direction for more active people to volunteer, to call voters and door knock.

"The success of the YES campaign is also dependent on our tens of thousands of volunteers, who tirelessly door knock and spread the Equality Campaign message; the advertising will go along way to boost our volunteer pool and remind everyone that  they are the key to the campaign's success."

Simon Collins, Creative Consultant - writer, creative director and film director
Jen Clarke, 1 Kent Street - campaign project management  
Hogarth Team- Production - Film, Photography, OOH, Print and Digital
MediaCom- Media Strategy, Planning and Buying  

Helen Ross-Browne, Brand and Advertising Director, AME
Kirk Marcolina, BrandWPPANZ0027 099 1080x1920 4A (1).jpg and Advertising Directors , AME
Leah Newman, Creative Producer, AME


Industry producer said:

This spot is a credit to the campaign. I was wondering who shot this. Where can I find the credits? At least let us know who the DOP is?

ad critic said:

huge opportunity for social change, horribly let down by this

Credits said:

@Industry Producer - I only know the photographer was Patrick Moran from Sydney

@ad critic said:

As someone who has studied the successful Irish 'Yes' vote (and didn't work on this), this hits the right mark for the intended audience (a 'soft middle' vote).

No pride-washing. No 'love is love'. Not a rainbow in sight.
Links to Aussie values (getting on with things, a fair go)
Shows conservative types voting 'Yes' (Priest, Boomers, Blokes).
Feels modern, pragmatic and slightly governmental.

The success of this campaign won't be measured in 'a breakthrough idea'.
It's measured as a 'Yes' majority vote.

Groucho said:

@ ad critic huge opportunity for sensitive support. Horribly let down.

Zzzz said:

I'd like to be powerfully positive about this. But it's so boring and leaves you with no fresh reason to consider voting yes. No strat, nothing insightful and certainly nothing creative. Just like WPP AUNZ, so at least it's on brand for them.

Just gonna say it as it is said:

What a big boring load of shit.

ad critic said:

I am not advocating for rainbow flags and pride-washing.

I'm advocating for clever, strategically driven communications that humanise gay marriage for the "soft middle.'

This campaign is bland.

Joe J said:

Good to see Thorpe in the mix too. Well done.

Really WPP? said:

Big, bad global marketing behemoth and this is what you come up with?

All the good creatives off sick that day?

Gaylord said:

So, not to disparage the cause or anything, but could the gay son be any more of a stereotype?

Neat facial hair, paisley short sleeve button-up shirt just one size too small. Surprised you didn't give him a feather boa and bumless chaps.

you dont have to be so literal said:

to get your message across. the sauce ad did way better earlier this year:


BetterThan said:

You know what I'm bored of? That Graham thing splattered all over every post about advertising this year. It's this year's Dumb Ways to Die, so overdone and entered into everything it makes me sick and click "CLOSE" every time I see it.
THIS is not boring. I bet this wins more Effies than Graham did. How many did Graham get? Oh none. Good jobs there, you're paid to make an impact but all you did was congratulate each other.

NotBetterThan said:

Graham won a number of APAC Effies including a gold I believe. Good luck repeating that with this campaign.

The fact that Graham was overlooked at Australia's Effies has more to do with the judging process than the campaign's effectiveness.

seriously?? said:

standard WPP AUNZ work. dull, boring, lacking any insight or creative spark.

Disappointing said:

This is dross. What a shame as something that makes people think and question their thinking is what was needed. This is a copy out.

Finally said:

Speaks to the right people in the right way in a language they understand.

No worthy, fluffy ad-speak.

This will work.

Face Palm said:

OK work works. Great work works better.

You can stick a logo on screen for "30" and it will increase sales. So if thats what works in your book, why not do that next time and save the production budget.

@BetterThan said:

I agree with you, smart insightful effective work like Graham has no place in this shitty industry. Let’s all just dish up mindless dog vomit - it’ll change the world man.

WPP - what an embarrasment, trying to get mileage from an important social issue, but being too lazy or gormless or shit to do a decent job. Hang your fucking heads because if you had done this out of out of any real desire for change, you would have spent more than half an hour on it.

Nope said:

Sorry. I'm still voting NO.

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