Wrigley's, AIRBAG, ARC Edit + Leo Burnett join together to encourage Australians to vote yes

The Equality Campaign - Leo Burnett Melbourne - HERO.jpgThe Equality Campaign has aired a new TV spot during last night's The Bachelor finale.

An emotional appeal to all Australians, the spot features moving real wedding footage contributed by members of the LGBTI community and urges Australians to vote yes 'for every Bachelor and Bachelorette.'

To create the spot, Leo Burnett Melbourne joined forces with AIRBAG, ARC Edit, Manimal and Nylon. Media placement during the finale was generously donated by The Bachelor's major sponsor, Wrigley's Extra.

The Equality Campaign - Leo Burnett Melbourne - 2.jpgSays Andrew Woodhead, creative director, Leo Burnett Melbourne: "Choosing The Bachelor finale was a purposeful move to not only target a certain demographic, but to make the point that everyone should have the right to get married.

"We also hope that more marketers will follow Wrigley's lead The Equality Campaign - Leo Burnett Melbourne - 3.jpgand consider donating a portion of their media plan so that messages like this get the air time they deserve."

Says Tim Gartrell, director, The Equality Campaign: "The campaign appreciates the spirit in which this air time and creative has been generously donated.The Equality Campaign - Leo Burnett Melbourne - 4.jpg

"Opportunities like this really help the campaign cut-through all the noise around Marriage Equality which is simply about dignity, respect and fairness for LGBTI Australians.

"Australians know this is about a fair go for all and allowing people to just get on with their lives with the person they love. Marriage Equality takes from no one and makes our country a fairer and more inclusive place to live."

Says Alison Levins, marketing director, Wrigley: "We are proud to be able to provide this opportunity to convey the important message of marriage equality for all Australians. Wrigley has donated this spot because we simply believe that everyone deserves their own grand finale in love."

Says Adrian Bosich, director, AIRBAG: "These emotional wedding moments are universal, and engage with a sense of the familiar, with heartfelt moments of humanity as love brings two people together in front of their family and friends."

Marketers wishing to donate to this campaign are welcomed to contact The Equality Campaign directly.

Corporates: Janine Middleton: janine@equalitycampaign.org.au
General donations: Brooke Horne: brooke@equalitycampaign.org.au

Client: The Equality Campaign
Campaign Director: Tim Gartrell

Campaign Director: Helen Ross-Browne
Advertising and Brand Director: Kirk Marcolina
Digital Campaigner: Steph Lee

Media donated by: Wrigley Australia
Marketing Director: Alison Levins
Marketing Manager: Alexandra Hume

Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne
Chief Creative Officer: Jason Williams
National CEO: Melinda Geertz
Creatives: Katarina Matic, Andrew Woodhead & Sarah McGregor
Account Director: Rhys Thomas
Senior Producer: Eliza Malone
PR: Katy Denis

Production Company: AIRBAG
Director: Adrian Bosich
Head of Production: Martin Box
Post Producer: Nick Venn
Production Assistant: Megan Glass

Edit Company: Arc Edit
Editor: James Ashbolt
Editorial Producer: Olivia Carolan

Editorial Assistants: Damien Magee and Lucas Baynes

Grade/Online Company: Manimal
Grade/Online: Ryan Brett
Grade/Online Producer: Chelsea Nieper  

Sound: Nylon
Music: Sarah Blasko/ Crowded House

Media: Mediacom


Ben said:

A beautiful, heartwarming spot, and well done to all involved, especially Wrigley for donating the spot. Sadly however, it's not going to sway many of the no voters.

Look at the likes of Howard and Abbott, and read the comments below the articles, the no campaign is a fear/guilt campaign (something religion does extremely well) - so the yes campaign needs to get on the front door and smash down the bullshit.

Yes it's a simple, legal matter, which only effects the two people involved, but the no campaign is making it much more than that, and the yes side isn't stopping them.

Fight fire with fire. Go hard on the facts around it. Make it clear it's not religious marriage we're after, it's a legal act. Make it clear it has nothing to do with schools, religious freedom and the rest.

Pretty, emotional puffery won't win. It's just convincing us yes voters we're right. And that ain't enough.

Happy said:

Nice one. Simple emotion wins. Good opportunity and the realness comes through in spades without looking shonky. Rather than forcing shit in my face it effortlessly evoked emotion and made me genuinely happy.

Aaron said:

Very nice. And more likely to swing a voter, than by not opening up a discussion.

yes! said:

And that's how you do a marriage equality ad

Yes said:

It's much better than their non emotional military march to the post office box. Good job humanising what is abstract scary stuff to some people.

A rounded campaign needs a few angles. This hits a good note. Great media placement and messaging.

I'm sure you did it for little or nothing - well done.

me like said:

I like it. Saying yes to yes seems to me to be a better strategy thank no to no (and involves a touch more of your spare time). Well done.

Rad said:

This feels kind of perfect. Well done errrbody.

LOVE said:

Love this. SO much.

Nope said:

The performance and arrangement of the music was so cold and impersonal, didn't match the warming visuals at all. What is with this style of vocal performance where people try to sound dead and empty?! ...so played.

Joe J said:

Perfection. Very nicely done.

Impressed said:

Truly inspiring and selfless industry collaboration. Well done all.

Nailed it said:

Can't fault this at all

Have I missed somthing said:

What's this all about?

yep said:

yep - hats off to all.

@nope said:

You do understand that that was an existing track of Sarah Blasko covering Crowded House from about 10 years ago? That's what she sounds like, its not a creative's decision, its a famous Australian artist's decision.

Yeahs said:

Nicely crafted spot and a well through spot to air it.

LOVE this said:

Saw this last night and so happy to see it

Nope said:

I do understand it was an existing cover. I do understand Sarah Blasko sounds like that. I just don't think this dreary performance pairs well with something that aims to inspire. Sounds more like a funeral march.

This is nice though... https://youtu.be/tnZtVY6Lu5U?t=33s

#YES said:

To the people who think that pieces like this won't make a difference, I say never underestimate the power of making your audience feel something.

There is a lot of heartland Australia, many of which were probably watching The Batchelor, who have family/friends/children, who may never have thought of what all this feels like to the actual people this vote affects.

Telling people they are wrong and what to do never works.

If it makes a few people take their own beliefs off the table and think about others, then it has done it's job.

Well done to all involved.

well done wrigleys said:

Wrigleys - you deserve all the praise you get for an act like that. well done.

@Nope said:


Gotta disagree mate.

I think it's beautiful and gives it gravitas.

The hope is at the end when it picks up for the Vote Yes.

Reinterpreting an iconic Aussie classic is an interesting way into conservative Australia. Must have been quite the rights wrangling.

Qudos said:

Lovely, authentic gorgeousness. Props to all involved. And let's not forget about the brave stars of the film to put their super-special moments out there for public scrutiny.

Yeah... said:

Yeah... bet the creatives are totally kicking themselves they didn't use 'Life on Mars'...

#YaaaasQueen said:

Well done to everyone who pulled this together. It's beauty lies in its simplicity and universality. Props to Wrigley's for the selfless act. Not many brands have had the guts to donate a cent to this campaign, but happily sign up to say they support the Yes vote. It's time to dig deep. If everyone gave YES ONE SPOT FROM THEIR BUY...

Lover said:

@nope Quit your pooing on a job clearly done out of love.....Literally. No doubt this whole ad was done on next to no budget meaning the song would've been donated to the cause. Sometimes you got work with what you can have to get something done, even if that's not your first choice. Kudos to everyone involved for DOING something and in my opinion, doing it well

RB said:

Go Airbag! What a year for you!

Love will prevail said:

Beautiful spot. Really really well done. Congrats to all involved. Let's hope it makes a difference.

x said:

Awesome. Simple and emotive. Good to see the industry affecting society in a positive way.

True support said:

Pretty cool that Wrigleys did this without insisting on sticking their logo on it or doing something that simply serves themselves like a special edition 'rainbow' Extra packet... yes I'm looking at you Coca Cola.

Say #yes to #yes said:

And here is a very valuable lesson kids.

Instead of making a big deal about what you are not going to do, go out and do something awesome and make an actual difference.

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