CHE Proximity and Rumble Studios make the cut at shortlist stage of LIA Music + Sound category

Cochlear-in-disguise-sml_670 (1)-thumb-400x257-262355.jpgScreen Shot 2017-10-04 at 8.23.51 am.jpgLondon International Awards (LIA) has announced the shortlist for Music & Sound.

Australia has scored two finalists in the shortlist. CHE Proximity has been shortlisted in Experiential Use of Music & Sound for Cochlear 'The Hearing Test In Disguise' and Rumble Studios Sydney in Music Original - Score for TedX '2017 Sydney'.
Abi_Leland (1).jpgWhilst the LIA judging in Las Vegas is well underway, the Music & Sound jury, led by Abi Leland (left), company director of Leland Music, has completed judging. The jury panel, which consisted of Simon Elms of Eclectic Sounds, Keith Haluska of MassiveMusic, Rafael May of Rafael May Music, Anthony Moore of Factory, Josh Rabinowitz of Townhouse, Joey Serlin of Vapor RMW, Andrew Stafford of Big Sync Music and Brian Yessian of Yessian Music, worked diligently to ensure that the best work was awarded.

There are 62 shortlisted entries in the medium, with the United Kingdom (21) leading the way, followed by the United States (14) and Germany (5).

Winners for all media will be announced on 1st November. To view all shortlisted entries released thus far with media and full creative credits, please visit:

2017 Music & Sound Shortlist (by country):

DDB Argentina, Buenos Aires:
•    Volkswagen Cross up! "Toilets" - Use of Licensed Music

CHE Proximity:
•    Cochlear "The Hearing Test In Disguise" - Experiential Use of Music & Sound
Rumble Studios, Sydney:
•    TedX "2017 Sydney" - Music Original - Score  

AlmapBBDO, São Paulo:
•    Whiskas "Iris & Thula" - Music Original - Score  
•    Getty Images "Jack" - Music Original - Song  
Isobar, São Paulo:
•    Mares Filmes "Unforgettable Songs" - Experiential Use of Music & Sound  

Cossette, Toronto:
•    SickKids Foundation "SickKids VS - DadStrong" - Use of Licensed Music
•    SickKids Foundation "SickKids VS - MomStrong" - Use of Licensed Music  
•    SickKids Foundation "SickKids VS - Undeniable" - Use of Licensed Music  
Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto:
•    Dove Self Esteem Project "Look How Far We've Come" - Music Original - Song  

McCann Worldgroup, Shanghai:
•    Chevrolet "The Hunt Alone" - Music Original - Score  

FP7/CAI, Cairo:
•    Coke - Red "The Line Up Song" - Music Adaptation - Song  

Havas Paris, Puteaux:
•    Havas Paris "2017 Sheep Street" - Music Original - Score  
Herezie Group, Paris:
•    David Lynch Foundation "Sounds of Trauma" - Sound Design  
•    David Lynch Foundation "Sounds of Trauma" - Sound Editing  

BBDO Group Germany, Berlin:
•    smart fortwo "smart - Wounds of the City" - Sound Design  
Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg:
•    Volkswagen "Laughing Horses" - Sound Editing  
HEIMAT, Berlin:
•    Das Handwerk "The Way Of The Master" - Sound Design  
Scholz & Friends, Hamburg:
•    Opel Advanced Park Assist "The Parking Thrillharmonics" - Experiential Use of Music & Sound  
Yessian Music, Hamburg:
•    Volvo "ABC Of Death" - Music Original - Song  

Colenso BBDO, Auckland:
•    Anchor "Milk Slams - Inside Out" - Sound Design  

Song Zu, Singapore:
•    Good Mood "The Bad Choice & The Good Choice" - Music Original - Song  

Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg:
•    A-Z Brand Launch Campaign "The Inner Voice" - Sound Design  

MassiveMusic, Amsterdam:
•    War Child "Batman" - Use of Licensed Music  
•    Nike "What Are Girls Made Of?" - Music Adaptation - Song  
 Sizzer Amsterdam, Amsterdam:
•    Renault Sport "Enter The Zone" - Sound Design  

Mobile Telecommunication Company (ZAIN), Kuwait City:
•    ZAIN RAMADAN 2017 "Fight Terrorism with Love" - Music Original - Song  

750mph, London:
•    BBC 4 "BBC Music - Idents 1" - Sound Design  
•    BBC 4 "BBC Music - Idents 2" - Sound Design  
•    McLaren "Raise Your Limits" - Sound Editing  
•    James Wellbeloved "Mega City" - Sound Editing  
Adelphoi Music, London:
•    Smirnoff "We're Open" - Use of Licensed Music  
•    Paddy Power "Coach Driver" - Music Adaptation - Song  
•    Paddy Power "Steward" - Music Adaptation - Song  
Big Sync Music, London:
•    Lipton "School Bus" - Use of Licensed Music  
Factory, London:
•    UEFA "Come Play" - Sound Editing  
•    Bwin "The Race" - Sound Editing
•    Honda "Up" - Sound Design  

FCB Inferno, London:
•    Barnardo's "Believe In Me - Gymnast" - Use of Licensed Music  
•    Gillette "The Honest Player" - Music Original - Score  
Leland Music, London:
•    John Lewis "Buster The Boxer" - Music Adaptation - Song  
Leo Burnett London, London:
•    McDonalds McCafe "Madness" - Use of Licensed Music  
•    End Youth Homelessness "Get Them To A Safe Place" - Sound Design  
McCann Health, London
•    Docusol "Make a Nappy Happy" - Music Original - Song  
Mutant Jukebox, London
•    Animade "Olympops" - Sound Design  
Riff Raff Films, London:
•    Nike "What Are Girls Made Of?" - Music Adaptation - Song  
The Elements Music, London
•    Samsung "Ostrich" - Sound Editing  
Woodwork Music, Salford
•    Sony PlayStation "The King" - Music Adaptation - Song  

BBDO New York, New York:
•    Bacardi / Grey Goose "Lumiere" - Music Original - Score  
•    P&G "The Talk" - Music Original - Score  
FCB West, San Francisco:
•    Levi's "Circles" - Use of Licensed Music  
Future Perfect, Santa Monica:
•    84 Lumber "The Journey" - Music Original - Score  
Human, Santa Monica:
•    adidas Originals "Original is Never Finished" - Music Adaptation - Song  
J. Walter Thompson, Atlanta:
•    Pennzoil "Joyride Tundra" - Sound Design  
•    Pennzoil "Joyride Tundra" - Sound Editing  
•    Pennzoil "The Last Viper" - Sound Editing  
Leo Burnett, Chicago:
•    Samsung "Ostrich" - Use of Licensed Music

MassiveMusic, New York:
•    The North Face "Question Madness" - Use of Licensed Music  
 McCann Healthcare, New York:
•    Nasty Women's Choir "Little Trumper Boy" - Music Adaptation - Song  
•    Nasty Women's Choir "Hark! The Nasty Women Sing" - Music Adaptation - Song  
R/GA Los Angeles, Los Angeles:
•    Nike "Kyrie 3: Improv" - Music Original - Score  
Venables Bell and Partners, San Francisco:
•    Audi "Duel" - Sound Design

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