Facebook helps small Aussie businesses with newly launched 'Street Smart' campaign

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.20.50 am.jpgFor three days in August, Facebook took over the main street in Mordiallac and ran "Street Smart" - a campaign designed to teach every day Aussie small businesses how to use Facebook and Instagram, to help them to overcome their business challenges. This was the first time Facebook has launched a small business community activation of its kind anywhere in the world.
Says Alexandra Sloane, program lead and head of marketing Facebook and Instagram, ANZ: "Street Smart was the first time Facebook launched a small business community activation of this kind anywhere in the world. The activation was held in Mordialloc, a seaside town in Melbourne, and took place over three days. Street Smart is part of Facebook's plan to help the 3.2 million Australian small business owners thrive as part of the global marketplace.

"Over the duration of Street Smart, Facebook worked with three key businesses owners, who were taught the very accessible tricks and tools big companies use, all through their mobile phones. The three local SMBs were OCD Skateshop, Noomi and Albatross Brewery. With each of these businesses, the Facebook team worked with the owners to show them how to overcome their business challenges and best market their products across both Facebook and Instagram.
"With 83% of people on Facebook connected to at least one SMB in Australia and 77% of people on Facebook in Australia connected to at least one SMB in a foreign country, small businesses are using the platform to reach their desired customer both locally and overseas. Facebook wants to champion small businesses and Street Smart is just one example of the many efforts the company is doing locally to continue to empower the SMB community with the available tools."

Says Steve Laughlin, founder of Albatross Brewery: "Working with the Facebook team around the Street Smart campaign was an amazing experience and has been a big part in setting me up in launching my brewery. I was so impressed with how easy and simple the tools the creative shop team taught me how much I can now do from my mobile phone.
"Over the course of the three days I learned how to use the products on mobile across both Facebook and Instagram. The team had some super cool creative ideas, which I've been able to apply to my every day activities."

Click to view some of the Street Smart tips.


Wow said:

Facebook just transported me back to the to the 80s. That really is clever tech.

Really? said:

This is just workmanlike. It makes sense. That's it.

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