ING unveils new TV executions in its 'How Banking Can Be' campaign via VCCP Sydney

3 (1).jpgVCCP has launched 'Season 3' of its popular "How Banking Can Be" campaign for ING, starring an array of ING customers alongside brand ambassador Isla Fisher.

The first two spots, which build on the success of the two previous VCCP campaigns for ING, demonstrate how ING products and services empower customers to get ahead. Each one dramatises a particular benefit with a uniquely Isla twist; taking the hassle out of applying for a Home Loan and saving whilst you spend using ING's new Everyday Round-Up. In total, the campaign will feature 7 TVCs to run across TV, Cinema and Online.

4 (1).jpgFor Gary Dawson, ECD of VCCP, the new campaign demonstrates the power of creating enduring brand stories.

Says Dawson: "ING really do empower their customers to get ahead, so unleashing Isla again, with all her quirks, energy and5 (1).jpg passion felt like a natural way to demonstrate this. Last year Isla was jealous of customers stealing her limelight, but this year she's fervently embraced her role as brand ambassador and gone looking for her own unique way to evangelise about the benefits of being an6 (1).jpg ING customer."

Andrew Holt, CEO of VCCP, says the agency is extremely proud of the work and of working with ING.

Says Holt: "ING are a fantastic client, they genuinely challenge the way banking can be and they challenged us to bring that spirit to life in this new campaign. As a challenger agency this is exactly the kind of work we love to do; a populist and entertaining twist on the humble product demonstration."

Client - ING
Fiona Nicol - Head of Marketing
George Exikanas - Brand Communications Lead
Nicole Metcalf - Senior Brand Communications Manager
Helen Colville - Brand Manager

Agency - VCCP
Gary Dawson - Executive Creative Director
Paul Sharp, Creative Director
Gary Dawson, Paul Sharp, Ant Hines, Trent Christie, Chris McMullen - Creatives.
David Kennedy-Cosgrove, Managing Partner
Kim Ellis - Group Account Director
Michelle O'Neil / Kim Feitelberg - Executive Planning Director
Wendy Gillies - Producer

Production Company - Goodoil
Director - Fiona McGee
Producer - Claire Richards
Offline - Tim Parrington, The Butchery
Online - Drew Downes, The Refinery
Sound - Abbie Sie, SongZu


let it go... said:

Can't believe they are still persisting with this piss poor gag!!
(BTW both ads are the same)

Rob said:

Nice work Gaz, sure beats the drudgery other banks are pushing out.

like said:

Nice work you guys and gals. Great fun.

Honestly? said:

CDs weren't just happy with listing themselves as CDs, but had to take the glory for being creatives as well?

Meh said:

Wallpaper at best

Dee said:

Quite liked the Commonwealth bank spot for atm's although they did have the advantage of something to talk about.

Comedian said:

Call me old fashioned but I thought funny ads were supposed to be funny.

Isla said:

What a waste of good talent with such a bad script, direction and idea. Hope she's paid well.

Phil said:

Love the client written dialogue: "Even a home loan specialist to talk to you along the way". Maybe that's why they're not funny.

Arthur Minute said:

Fun for a 30. Maybe a 60 might be funner.

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