Initiative, UM + Val Morgan save NGEN Halloween party; takes place Thurs, Oct 26, The Lair, Sydney

NGEN Hallo.jpgThe annual Sydney NGEN Halloween party has been saved from the gallows this year by last minute contributions from media agencies Initiative and UM, as well as cinema and outdoor giant Val Morgan.
The NGEN Halloween Party is one of the industry's most anticipated events and is usually supported financially by media owners, but this year the call for sponsors went unanswered.
NGEN e-mailed its 2,000 Sydney members in late September to announce the death (ironically) of its Halloween party.
Enter Initiative and UM.
A few calls later, the two Mediabrands agencies had teamed up with Val Morgan to raise the funds required, and the party is now back on for NGEN professionals at The Lair in Sydney's Metro Theatre, on Thursday 26th of October.
Says Kathleen Beddoes, head of NGEN: "Excited is an understatement - we are absolutely over the moon to have Initiative, UM and Val Morgan come in and collectively save the NGEN Halloween party. This year was a tough year sponsorship-wise and it was very disappointing to have to cancel the party and let the NGEN community down, but it's come full circle and we are excited to be planning a party in two weeks. A huge thank you to Initiative, UM and Val Morgan for their support."
Says Melissa Fein, CEO, Initiative Australia: "When NGEN sent the note to its members to say the Halloween Party was cancelled, the Sydney Initiative NGENers immediately decided something should be done. I am very proud of their creativity and determination to bring the event back from the dead, so to speak."

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