Luna Park set to launch new website in 2018 via Sitback to invest in customer's online experience

luna-park-entrance.jpgLuna Park, the iconic Australian fun-park located in the world-famous Sydney Harbour, has today announced its renewed partnership with Sitback Solutions, to develop its next generation of websites; re-invigorating the Luna Park brand and providing an industry-leading experience, thoughtfully designed to be perfectly aligned with their customers' needs.

Luna Park originally engaged with Sitback five years ago and have been working together ever since. The digital agency initially built Luna Park's outgoing website and have been providing ongoing support and maintenance since it was launched. Over the past 12 months the team have been working to better understand their customers' interactions online. Through in-depth analysis of their visitor data, alongside User Testing sessions with Sitback's UX psychologists, Luna Park identified clear opportunities for improvement.

Says Brendan Biddell, marketing manager at Luna Park: "Luna Park is booming. We've seen website growth and sales improve significantly year-on-year, but we knew we could do better.
"70% of our traffic is from mobile devices but we're not offering an optimal experience. We anticipate dwell times could be increased by 40% or more, just by having a smoother user journey. At the moment, it's very disjointed.

"The problem with many websites, is that we assume or tell people what they want, rather than asking what they want or observing how they actually use the website. Through the work we're undertaking now with Sitback, we can see that process, see what our customers are doing, enabling us to be proactive to their needs rather than reactive."

Luna Park set itself one clear objective for the new website: Transparency. It's vital to its ongoing success that they are able to see how visitors are interacting with the site, what content they find engaging, and to learn and grow with their customers so they can ensure they are constantly providing value.

When it came to deciding who to work with on the new website, for Biddell there was no question.

Says Biddell: "Luna Park has been partnered with Sitback for over five years now, and we've never had an issue. Everything has always been completed on time and to a high-standard and we knew we could trust them to deliver high-quality work without the risk. For us, they really are a safe pair of hands."

Says Chris McHugh, CEO of Sitback Solutions: "Luna Park is an international icon and we are incredibly proud to be continuing our relationship with them. They are truly dedicated to the customer experience and we are extremely excited to help them bring their vision for Luna Park online to life."

The new website, which will see Luna Park's refreshed branding rolled out across its digital channels, will be built upon 'Presto!'; a customised version of the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) created by Sitback. Boasting accelerated development times and reduced administrative overheads, the result will be a fast and responsive website providing Luna Park with the flexibility to roll out new content quickly and easily, across all devices.

The new Luna Park website is expected to go live early 2018, in time for Luna Park's Easter Fun Fest.

To visit Sitback Solutions website, click here.


A safe pair of hands said:

If you are going to quote your client in your press release, at least take the time to ensure no one thinks you obviously wrote the quote yourself. Embarrassing.

Fuking LOL said:

"...alongside User Testing sessions with Sitback's UX psychologists"

Really said:

I can only imagine that laughable release was in fact, Just For Fun. It could only be a joke. I hope their rides are more exciting.

Cash for comments said:

Not to put words in the clients mouth of course!

Whatever said:

Here's an idea.

How about not charging $160 odd dollars for a family to 'unlimited ride' on a tiny wooden rollercoaster, some bumper cars and a slide.

You're not Disneyland.

Wow, what a lot of anonymous vitriol!

There's nothing embarrassing here for us. Our UX team really are trained psychologists and we have a great working relationship with the team at Luna Park which we're happy to celebrate.

Thanks for your feedback though.

John said:

Guys, let it go, it's an awful press release, move on.

would rather go to movie world said:

why don't you update the rides you fucks

Sit down said:

Hahahaha how bad is this press release!

And you wonder why people think of us ad people as wankers?

UXB said:

Maybe you should have got you 'trained psychologists ' to check out your dumb ass press release first, one of the worst i've ever read on the blog.

Read enough said:

Whoa, Sydney Harbour is world famous?

Psycho Killer said:

"Luna Park has been partnered with Sitback for over five years now, and we've never had an issue. Everything has always been completed on time and to a high-standard and we knew we could trust them to deliver high-quality work without the risk"
STFU - What a bunch of self indulgent BS!

Nothing to be proud of said:

I just checked out the current site and what a mish mash.

Hit a link to check out a ride, not a link just type.

Why would you put this on CB. The design is ugly and to sell this to a client, well face palm

Sad Face said:

The website is actually worse than the press release.

Luna Park - you may like clowns, but you deserve better than this lot of jokers.

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