McGuigan Wine launches new through-the-line campaign across Australia + the UK via MKTG

MCGUIGAN-COLLAGE_2 (2).jpgMKTG has launched Awkward, a through-the-line campaign for McGuigan Wines that will roll out
across Australia and the UK.

MKTG won the work after a competitive pitch, and its was selected for its unique approach, offering a single-minded and simple advertising idea around the etiquette of bringing wine to an occasion.
Following the successful introduction of Bring a McGuigan in 2016, this year's campaign from MKTG is a humourous series of people cringing as they drink terrible wine - reminding consumers to Bring a McGuigan to avoid ending up in an awkward situation like the people in the images.

MKTG's campaign includes national out of home, print, office display ads, a national off premise program and social media. The campaign will also roll out in the UK in out of home, digital and in-store communication.

Says Roger Maconachie, senior brand manager, McGuigan Wines: "We look for brave ideas in a competitive marketplace and the MKTG creative team didn't disappoint. Wine is a highly fragmented category with thousands of 'me too' brands, so it was important we developed creative that would disrupt, entertain and resonate with consumers.

"MKTG's 'Awkward Moments' was the stand out idea; the strength was is in its simplicity and recognition of many Australians' irreverent sense of humour toward wine etiquette. We enjoyed a very thorough development process with the MKTG team and are confident the campaign will help McGuigan Wines reach its awareness objectives."

Says Cam McGeachie, general manager of MKTG Sydney: "We had a lot of fun developing 'Awkward Moments' for McGuigan and we're proud to be bringing a fresh style of communication
to the wine category, moving away from the typical flowing wine, vineyeards, cellars and bottles that swamp the industry.

"This campaign demonstrates MKTG's power as a strategic and creative business, and we look forward to seeing it drive real retail ROI for McGuigan Wines in Australia and overseas."

Client: Roger Maconachie, Senior Brand Manager, McGuigan Wines
Advertising Agency: MKTG, Sydney
General Manager : Cam McGeachie
National Strategy Director: Michael Blumberg
Creative Lead: Owen Kane
Account director: Erin Hunter
Production: Susan Sheehan
Photographer: Kenny Smith


John said:

Were those models looking at each others ad as the shots were taken?

Phil said:

Sorry, but I see these people screwing up their faces and the name McGuigan underneath and I can't help thinking it's the McGuigan they're tasting. FAIL.

Award School Pro Tips said:


- Swiss Army Knives
- Messages in Bottles
- 'Hot' headlines for Summer Sales
- Explicitly connecting your product with images of people who look like they've just smelt a rucksack of farts.

D'oh said:

Agree with @Phil. I saw one of these on a billboard last week and assumed it was the wine causing the reaction #adfail.

Santa said:


seeing a screwed up face recoiling in horror and the name McGuigan underneath certainly makes the case that they are reacting to the McGuigan wine.

@Phil, ASPT & D'Oh said:

I got the ads straight away, mainly because I read them and am not stupid enough to think that a company would be bagging their own product.
The visual works in conjunction with the headline, not in isolation.

Having said that, I'm not a fan of the art direction or execution.
Insight is ok, but I'll be interested to see if it does drive real retail ROI for McGuigan Wines in Australia and overseas.

Old CD Guy said:

Only really, really stupid people would think that an advertiser would bag their product, in tis case linking people reacting with repugnance to McGuigan wines.

Unfortunately the world is largely populated by really, really stupid people.

Nup said:

I was driving when I first saw this campaign and all I can remember is a screwed up face and McGuigan. (There's a reason why Dr.Lindeman made you smile.)

Love / hate said:

I'm with 3:30 – I got them straight away. No need for dumbass planners or suits to dumb the ad down, it's a very simple ad.

However I too dislike it, mostly because you're playing on people's ignorance.

The subtext of the ad reads: 'If you don't know anything about wine, bring a McGuigan'.

Probably exactly what they wanted to say, but alienating people will not bring in the brand equity they need to be seen as a wine people actually aspire to drink.

hi said:

People don't care about your ads, they hardly pay attention. They just take out the general vibe of them - in this case McGuigin = terrible taste.

I promise you these will have a negative impact on sales.

Phil said:

@Phil, ASPT, & D'OH - So you have opened up this article on McGuigan wines. You're obviously interested in it. Great! Then you read the article and look at the pretty pictures for at least 30 seconds or even a minute. Ever better. You get that McGuigan wines are wonderful and that you should always bring them instead a a cheap, bad tasting wine made by someone else. Fantastic, advertising works!.... Except, 99.99% of people who glance at these posters on their way to work in a car or on a bus has very little interest in them. They're gazing at their iPhones, thinking about what to have for dinner or concentrating on picking their nose in the traffic. They on the other hand, will look at these posters for a few seconds and their out-take, just like mine, will be to associate McGuigan with a bad tasting wine. Take my word for it, I've been doing this for a very long time. I've worked as a creative director at major agencies. And not in a millions years would I have passed this work, which I'd assumed was done by either a junior team or someone who has no idea about this business. As for the marketing people at McGuigan. What were you thinking to let them do this? You're equally as much to blame.

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