To unlock the real 'Truth About Street' McCann Worldgroup will hit the streets in 100+ countries

Ben Lilley Pat Baron Truth About Street McCann Melbourne (1).jpgIn an unprecedented global research initiative, McCann Worldgroup has enlisted all of its employees around the world to leave their desks for a day and head to the streets in their local markets to meet with and interview people face-to-face to gain insights into their shopping behavior and their relationship to cultural values.

This new "Truth About Street" study will involve roughly 20,000 McCann Worldgroup employees in more than 100 countries.

Every department and level of the network has been enlisted to participate, from associates to senior management, including creative, business leadership, strategy, production and administrative teams. The questions and conversations are designed to gather additional information and insights about local cultures, brand attitudes, traditional shopping, e-commerce and emerging consumer sentiment.
Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 2.01.22 pm.jpgSays Luca Lindner, president, McCann Worldgroup: "This is the first time that we have galvanized our entire employee base to help us develop in-depth insights about local culture and its connection today to brand attitudes and shopping behavior. In doing so, our employees will hear first-hand the cultural shifts that are affecting our clients and have a deeper understanding of how to apply these learnings to help grow our client's brands and businesses."

Says Suzanne Powers, global chief strategy officer, McCann Worldgroup: "This builds on our initial Truth About Global Brands research, which uncovered shifting human and cultural dynamics, requiring new approaches to marketing that we've called 'Deep Globality.' By empowering our whole network, we will both be gaining rich truths and inducting everyone personally behind these new global and local perspectives that are influencing how our clients need to go to market."
The findings will be incorporated in the next wave of the company's Truth About Global Brands study. First conducted in 2014 by McCann Worldgroup's global intelligence unit, McCann Truth Central, it looked in-depth at the changing dynamics affecting global brand marketing. The research entailed quantitative work with 30,000 people in 29 countries, supplemented by rich ethnographic research with consumers as well as with marketing, cultural and entertainment experts.
image001.jpgThe proprietary Truth About Street methodology was first pioneered by McCann Latin America in a 2012 study focused on the consumption of street-vendor food, followed by a study of shopping behaviors in 2013. Following this, Latin America has hit the streets each year with a new topic to continue building on these truths, with about 2,000 McCann employees in 20 Latin American and Caribbean countries.


Tony Hoad said:

Nice idea... but lousy methodology.
I'm guessing they'll be hitting the streets with their survey forms right outside the agencies' many doors; most of which will be in the hipster belts of the various cities in which McCann operate.
But what about the punters out in the burbs?
And what about the folk in the regional towns and remote areas?
They shop too.
My guess is this will just be a grand exercise in bias confirmation.

Groucho said:

and @Tony Hoad , add in untrained interviewers, results analysis by more untrained people, no discussion guides or topic guides and anything could happen But nothing useful, and nothing that shows any respect to a decent research process.

Yuk Yuk said:

Really Groucho?
And what training would that be mate.Most researchers i have the misfortune to come across are led by their own narrow options anyway.

Groucho said:

@Yuk Yuk being educated past year 10 for a start. Perhaps a Post Grad degree in Psychology and / or Marketing. Sadly for you being a dick doesn’t qualify you.

The irony said:

if a client presented findings from research conducted like this, McCann would be the first to reject it.

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