True Local pushes 'Digital Powerpacks' offering in newly launched marketing campaign via JOY

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 9.07.05 am.jpgTrue Local, the go-to online directory and review website for Australian businesses, has unveiled a new digital creative campaign via JOY, to support the launch of its Digital PowerPacks - a suite of marketing products targeted at small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Designed to equip business owners with digital know-how and the tools to promote themselves online, True Local Digital PowerPacks are packages that help SMBs build websites, develop digital advertising and create their own online store.

The new campaign features a series of videos that position True Local as the enabler for small businesses, providing SMBs with cost-effective marketing solutions that help them to compete effectively in a crowded market.

Launching with a fly on the wall doco-style video about the overall product suite, the content features 'Steve the Chippie', a tradie who becomes so confident in his ability to run social media, and design websites and online stores through True Local's Digital PowerPacks, that he diversifies his carpentry business to include digital marketing.

The narrative sees Steve start offering expert consultancy to local hairdressers, beauty parlours, restaurants and other trades. Each video wraps with his clients seeing through him, realising True Local is the real source behind Steve's online ability.

Says Sarah Peacock, CMO, True Local: "We know many local businesses want to start marketing their business online but don't know where to start. We created Digital PowerPacks to empower Australian small and medium businesses to be digitally confident. The new campaign shows just how simple they are to implement, with our support."

The campaign, consisting of video content, display ads and case study testimonials, will roll out across True Local's digital and social channels from now through to December 2017.

To use the Digital PowerPacks, no previous digital knowledge is required. Each product is designed to walk the user through the production of content step-by-step, focusing on the following areas:

·       The Get On the Web PowerPack - allows business owners to build a website they can continue to update as their business evolves;

·       The Online Promoter PowerPack - allows them to create cost-effective targeted and impactful advertising on major Australian websites and social platforms;

·       The Virtual Assistant PowerPack - allows them to manage their business online, including scheduling and managing customer bookings, invoicing and collecting payments, and organising employee tasks;

·       The Sell Online PowerPack - allows them to create an online store and establish a digital presence, which is important for SMBs as Amazon enters the Australian market.

Says Peacock: "The four unique packages give business owners the opportunity to level the playing field with their competitors and bigger companies, by assisting them in producing an effective and impactful online presence in a matter of minutes."

For more information about True Local Digital PowerPacks, visit the True Local website.


At last said:

... some content worth watching. We all know a bloke like the chippie

Different Steve said:

Very funny, nice to see an idea for a change.

Mate said:

I think everyone has a mate like that who thinks he knows more than his worth!

Cool idea and execution for a change.

Oh dear said:

This is truly dismal.

HJ said:

Good. Will resonate with small business owners well.

Poxy said:

By showing shonky - You just seem, shonky

Ad grouch said:

I’m a cynical old hack and these actually made me smile. Disagree with poxy, you sound as old hat and cynical as me - without a sense of humour.

Good work, horrible PR department said:

Thank god I watched the films, this is single-handedly the worst press release I’ve ever read.

um said:

If it's poor on paper, it's bound to be poor on film.

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