Vodafone announces evolution of its brand positioning with newly launched campaign

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 10.56.52 am.jpgVodafone today announced an evolution of the Vodafone brand positioning globally and in Australia, reflecting its relentless focus on delivering customers' connectivity, choice and freedom now and in the future. Rolling out progressively in Australia later this month, the changes include an update to Vodafone's iconic 'speech mark' logo and new brand positioning.

The brand evolution is the first significant change to one of the world's best-known brands since the introduction of the 'Power to you' brand positioning in 2009. A 30-second film called 'Proud' has been created as part of Vodafone's campaign to promote its new brand positioning strategy: The future is exciting, Ready? It will be shown in countries around the world from October 2017. It was produced for Vodafone by Ridley Scott Associates.

Vodafone Australia's consumer business director, Ben McIntosh, said the refresh of the Vodafone speech mark and new positioning, The Future is Exciting. Ready? represent how Vodafone continues to innovate for the future while delivering choice and freedom for customers.

Says McIntosh: "The wants and needs of our customers have changed, and with that we've changed too. We've evolved our products and services to give customers more choice and more freedom. From no lock-in contracts to personalised service, $5 roaming (where you can use your plan for $5 extra per day in selected countries) and the fresh approach we'll bring to broadband - we're making sure customers are at the centre of an exciting future.

"We challenge the status quo and push the boundaries to give people something that they won't find anywhere else. This is a natural evolution for Vodafone that reflects our desire to disrupt traditional conventions and provide real change for the future."

VF.jpgVodafone will start rolling out the brand changes in Australia from 20 October at the iconic Vodafone Gold Coast 600 Supercars event. A progressive rollout will follow in-store and online in the coming months. This fresh take on the Vodafone brand will also make itself at home at Vodafone's new flagship store on Sydney's George Street, which is due to open its doors in coming weeks.

Says McIntosh: "As the ongoing increase in data use across the country shows, Australians have a strong appetite for technology and all of the positive changes it brings. With our global roots in innovation and the recent launch of industry-first products and offers locally, we're excited about the future and how we can deliver value, choice and freedom for our customers."


The consumer said:

I really like how the supers in the 30" spot spell out exactly what message they're trying to convey to me so I don't have to do any thinking whatsoever.

Why said:

Are the VW Combis on the wrong side of the road? This is awful by the way. Truly horrific.

Jet said:

Hello? Ridley Scott's a-team must have been on the Blade Runner red carpet. Made an exciting future feel very pedestrian.

Tigerland said:

No credits. Always says something.

Stop watch said:

Any bets on how long it will be before Voda fire JWT for doing the kind of work they asked for?

2006 said:

2006 just called, they want their 'anthemic' Drum n' Bass track back

Big Dog said:

Its global work repurposed for Australia??

Haven't read the comments yet said:

How is Ben Mckintosh still the head of Vodafone? Everyone has slammed them as a client and without any context, looking at this work it is easy to see why that is.

Absolutely no truth to what you're selling or how you treat your customers.

Could have been an ad for any telco.

Just say what you are and go give us heaps of GB at a fair price.

No one cares otherwise.

The future is bright said:

The future is Orange...oops

Umm, hello, go home on the phone ... oops

Looks like a Vodafone Xmas party pre speech video

International said:

I suspect you'll find this is an international ad from whoever does that overseas.

So much as I'd like to blame JWT Sydney, this time they haven't fucked up.

Not So New AD Guy said:

Not enough logos.

talent said:

time to hire some ex T-Mobile people.

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