Yates Dynamic Lifter brings little seedling to life in latest TV and online campaign via Mammal

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 8.31.35 am.jpgAfter an almost decade-long advertising hiatus, organic soil-improver and plant fertiliser Yates Dynamic Lifter is set to return to screens large and small in a campaign by Mammal, Sydney.

Yates Dynamic Lifter contains a unique blend of organic ingredients to improve soil performance and get plants off to the perfect start. The campaign dramatises this competitive advantage by centering on a seedling keen to enjoy the nutritional benefits that Dynamic Lifter offers.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 8.31.45 am.jpgThe campaign is a cute one - and also proof of the effectiveness of Mammal's strategic/creative/production hybrid model, says creative partner Luke Chess.

Continues Chess: "We literally stress-test strategy as we go, with rapid-prototype concepts. It's a process that allows us and our clients to quickly identify the strategic and creative focus that's right for their business challenge. We then produce and execute the majority of most campaigns in-house, generating significant additional value for our clients. For Yates, over twenty prototype concepts were narrowed down to a few promising directions, one of them evolving into the campaign we've produced."

Yates marketing director, Paddy Bryans, says the Yates team has enjoyed its part in the process: "The Mammal team has been great to work with, very responsive and delivered terrific value in the process. But the best test of a model is what comes out of it at the end, and with outstanding results from animatic pre-testing we are confident of having a very entertaining and importantly effective campaign from the Mammal team."

The Dynamic Lifter TV commercial launches from this Sunday 8th October, AEDT.

Planning, Creative - Daffers Little-Jones, Mike Watts, Luke Chess
Production, Management - Belle Oliva, Adrian Leppard
Sound, Editing - Greg Eagle

Director - Adam Blaiklock
DoP - Mike Roberts
3D Animation, Character Design - Daniel Kouts
Grade - Fergus Rotherham @ be colour

Marketing Director - Paddy Bryans
Marketing Manager - Rhenu Kenihan
Asst Brand Manager - Andrew Ramsay
Consumer Experience Manager - Kylie Grigg


Yasssss said:

That was amazinggggg

WOW said:

Looks like a lot of time (and I suspect budget) spent on animation at the expense of any consumer insight or creative idea that might actually set the brand/product apart. I guess that's what happens when you have the production company leading the strategy!

Luke said:

@WOW Sorry you're unable to see a creative idea in the piece. As for strategy and insight, this needn't - and many would argue shouldn't - be writ large for all to see but rather inform the creative approach.

Regarding budget, work can be economically made when strategy, creative and production work together rather than in separate silos.

qt3.14 said:


Settle down, pal.

It's a fine little ad. Not creatively groundbreaking, but cute enough.

I reckon you need some dynamic lifting.

You can have this for free said:

Mammal, here's some advice. You're trying to "grow" your agency (see what I did there?). PRing this isn't going to help.

? said:

Is this more of a press release to talk through the Mammal 'hybrid' process?
If so, your strategy IS very transparent there. "... for all to see".

DK said:

Good on you Luke.

Old CD Guy said:

That stinks (not the spot, the product)!

Ad guy. said:

Hi Luke

Congratulations for defending what is an eye catching, obvious (in a good way), and clearly branded ad. You're not going to Cannes on the back of this one - but I suspect that wasnt the objective.

Nice work - will work well.


Spades / Shovels etc said:

You can call it what you like, but it's basically chicken shit.

Own Your Comments said:

Appreciate your transparency Luke - I wish we all had to sign in when commenting.

Jerome said:

I like it.

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