Campaign Brief Poll: Australian ad industry and Australian public in sync on same-sex marriage

CB-POLL-same-sex-marriage.jpgThe Australian ad industry and the Australian public have voted almost identically on whether Australia should legalise same-sex marriage,

The Australian public vote has just been announced, with 61.6% FOR and 38.4% AGAINST.

In the Campaign Brief poll conducted back in August there were 1709 votes cast, with 61% FOR and 39% AGAINST.



Vipers nest said:

As I suspected, 39% of the ad industry are a bunch of cunts

Wait.... said: does this mean the Australian ad industry is made up of people in Australia and not aliens from outer space as I'd originally suspected? But that still doesn't explain how our ads are still so out of touch? -_-

twinkle said:

Would have thought we might be a little more enlightened than the general population, but maybe not.

qt3.14 said:

I reckon some zealous 'no' campaigners got hold of this poll and spread it around their circles to distort the results. Surely this can't be an accurate representation of our industry.

Oh no said:

Straight people against a decision that will never affect them? They must be from Sydney and over 50.

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