Curiosity gets the better of Perth creatives as they open email with results of PADC Awards

Skulls2017_BLOG.jpgDespite a plea from PADC President Mark Braddock, Perth creatives haven't been able to contain their curiosity and have opened emails they have received from the 'Skulls Spoiler' with the results of Friday night's PADC Skulls Awards.

Happily, what they got instead was an invitation to the 2017 Campaign Brief WA Legendary Lunch - one of the most popular annual events for Perth creatives and the local production industry.

The invitation was created by Andrew Tinning and Slick Design, and borrowed US President Donald Trump's favourite media accusation of 'fake news'.

It produced the fastest response CB has ever had, with more than 75% of recipients replying within a couple of hours (our thanks to Mark Braddock and the PADC for being part of the fun).

And the confidentiality of last Friday night's Skulls remained intact.

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