Pause Fest launches 2018 Festival with implanted microchip VIP tickets via The Taboo Group

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.32.31 am.jpgPause and Melbourne creative agency The Taboo Group have launched Pause Fest 2018 by implanting microchip-form tickets into the hands of selected leaders in tech, business and creative industries, with an all-access pass into next year's festival.

As a partner of Pause Fest 2018, The Taboo Group collaborated with Pause Fest to conceptualise and execute ten selected participants to have an injectable NFC microchip implanted into their hands at Wednesday's launch. The injectables were programmed to hold a three-day VIP all-access pass for the 2018 festival, with the ability to be re-programmed and used for approved security access into a home, office and gym, for unlocking smartphones, and to act as a business card by pulling up details with personal and business information. They can also be programmed to immediately pull up a website or open an app on an iPhone or Android phone when scanned.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.32.40 am.jpgPause Fest is one of Australia's leading innovation and creative tech events in Asia Pacific, and is a catalyst for innovation and a uniter of industries. Priding itself on introducing new and exciting advancements in the technology and creative space. The festival brings more than 150 global leaders from around the world to Melbourne. TheseScreen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.34.25 am.jpg guests host panels, talks, workshops, and programs that open the door to discussions around smart future, diversity, VR, AI, digital culture, blockchain and brands and marketing.

Says Taboo's Tommy McCubbin: "I haven't been so deeply affected by one of my ideas before, but this was an opportunity I was too curious to pass up. This is just the beginning of injectable technologyScreen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.34.39 am.jpg outside of the medical industry, so having the chip in my hand will force me to think around what else it can do."

Taboo and Pause will be working together to build on the success of the festival. As part of this, advertising and media agencies who purchase a book of ten or more tickets will receive 'Mini Pause Fest' experience at their agency, including keynotes and tech for them and their clients.

Says Andrew Mackinnon, founder, Taboo: "Taboo have admired the inventive agenda of Pause, and this year are proud to be contributing our experience to drive awareness and enjoyment of the Festival."

Since launching Wednesday, the story has been picked up by Forbes, The Project, The Guardian, Herald Sun, TNW, ABC News, PSFK, SmartCompany and will feature on Weekend Sunrise.


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