Production company Taxi invests in Sydney-based influencer marketing agency Born Bred

Taxi  and born bred logos (2).jpgInnovative production company Taxi continues its creative domination smarts this month, announcing a new addition to the family by way of Sydney-based influencer marketing agency, Born Bred.

Taxi has invested in Born Bred in a bid to shape the future of commercial production and broaden the company's versatile offerings, to add brand value to agency clients.
Known for its nimble, commercial content approaches via its in-house offspring Traffic and Tasty, Taxi Film's ongoing investment is, according to its EP Andrew Wareham, part of the group's strategy to bring brands and their stories to life on screen in an ever-changing landscape.

Says Wareham: "Working with influencers has become a growing fixture to storytelling and branding.

"We are always looking ahead as to how we can adapt and broaden our offerings to not only keep up with the ever-changing commercial production landscape, but to help shape it.

"We like to lead from the front to bring new and innovative offerings to our advertising agency clients."

Founded by Clare Winterbourn with Morgan Barta heading things up as general manager, Born Bred Talent exclusively manages Australia's largest consumer focused influencers with a combined reach of over 50 million people monthly.

Says Winterbourn: "There are huge benefits from using influencers - you are able to strategically target the audience the brand is looking to focus on.

"Followers of the influencers believe and trust in their advice making them more influential then traditional media outlets - in turn giving credibility to most.

"Brands have historically always used digital messaging for campaigns - just in different forms since the social media space has evolved."

Influencer marketing is another exciting channel in the content mix for effective storytelling in the contemporary digital content landscape.

Born Bred Talent share Taxi's Sydney office in Redfern.

Want to talk influencers? Contact Clare Winterbourn @ Born Bred Talent

Want to talk production? Contact Andrew Wareham @ Taxi


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Good on you Taxi! Always ahead of the curve.

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