Woolworths shares the spirit of Christmas in newly launched campaign via M&C Saatchi

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.16.40 am.jpgWoolworths has launched its 2017 Christmas campaign which features Australian families from all walks of life coming together to enjoy and share the magic of the season over food.

'Share the spirit of Christmas' is an integrated marketing campaign that puts the spotlight on great Australian produce and features Australian summer and Christmas favourites including pavlovas, cherries, mangoes, puddings, ham and more.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.16.52 am.jpgSays Andrew Hicks, director of marketing, Woolworths: "We know what really lies at the heart of Christmas in Australia is our customers gathering with their families and friends and sharing a meal together.

"From Christmas recipes passed down over generations, firing up the barbecue with mates, through to the kids leaving out snacks for Santa and his reindeers, we understand the role food plays in creating that Christmas feeling.

"That's why this Christmas we'll be focused on making it easy for Australians to truly enjoy the season and help them share the spirit of Christmas with their friends and family."

The 'Share the spirit of Christmas' campaign will be supported across multi-channels including TV, digital, radio, in-store, catalogue, outdoor and more.

Andrew Hicks - Director of Marketing
Nick Chapman - General Manager, Brand
Alison Stratten - Marketing Communications Manager
Melanie McPherson - Marketing Communications Planner
Evette Sanders - Marketing Communications Specialist

M&C Saatchi
Tom McFarlane - Creative Partner
Michael Andrews - Creative Director
Phil Leece - Associate Creative Director
Peta McDowell - Senior Art Director
Sabrina Douglas - Senior Strategist
Bettina Stephenson - Senior Account Director
Emma Kinder - Senior Account Manager
Rod James - Head of TV and content

Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Campbell Hooper
Producer: Allison Lockwood 
Music and Sound Design: Song Zu
Editing: The Butchery
Design: Resolution Design


... said:

Yikes, did someone forget to take the guide VO off?
Same multicultural cast eating perfectly prepared food all around Australia... original no. Entertaining no. Memorable no.

go choke on a ham-bone said:

it's a nice spot

What happened to the greenhouse? said:

Is this M&C saatchi now and not the Greenhouse that was set up to work exclusively on Woolies. Confusing.

John said:

This won't be 'shared' by anyone. Woefully dull and frankly a waste of the clients money. It's generic pap and will seamlessly merge into all the other Australian Xmas dross that's on air at the moment. Coles, Target etc

Brilliant said:

I love the way a strategist was involved in this....

Dear John said:

Dear John
Just like Myer, DJ's, Tesco, M&S etc all merge into one eh John?
And if you think its a waste of client's money why don't you call Brad Banducci
at WW's and tell him his agency has contributed nothing to WW's huge turnaround.
His response would probably to tell you to turnaround and not come back - but what would he know about marketing compared to someone like you?

Hell is other people said:

Reasons to hate Xmas.

Ham ham ham ham-ham ham ham-ham-ham hammmmmm... said:

Ham ham ham ham-ham ham ham-ham-ham hammmmmm...

Phil said:

Check out the Aldi Xmas ad to see how it should be done. No comparison. No excuse.

macker said:

No need to have a fictitious name here anymore. That time is up.

We all have a MAC address....video below for newbies to the internet. It’s only 5minutes of your time.


Combined with a ip address, just saying.


Tina said:

The kid sharing his room made me laugh.Bought back memories of relos invading our place on the Goldie every year.

WB said:

I think Dear John has a point.Real happy with the performance of my Woolies shares in the last 12 months.Just maybe advertising works.

Mel said:

Nicely observed and nicely shot.Will resonate with Woolies audience.Not so sure about Aldi.

I agree with Ham ham ham ham-ham ham ham-ham-ham hammmmmm... said:

how good's ham

Jet said:

Aldi team to get the best prezzies this year.

Copy Desk said:


Thanks for the tip. So you're saying our computers can be identified by other computers on a network. In other words, the internet. You're telling us something something the internet. So useful. Such a big help.

Love the 'time is up' sensationalism. Caught me off guard, I'll tell you now. I hate hearing my time is up. Trouble is, Macker, which I'm sure isn't your actual name, just by the by, is that the only people able to find out the origin of the comments are G-men, hackerz and probably that weird kid a few doors down. In other words, not you. Which really impales your time is up thing.

Don't know why your panties are in a lather. So someone wailed on a by-numbers Christmas spot. So what. My guess is you had some connection with it, and I'm sorry. It's mediocre. It is. No shame in it. Plenty of spots are. Plenty of mine too, for sure.

That's life. Don't have to play the tech angle. Especially if you're not really sure what the tech angle is. But you can paste a link with the best of them. 1337. See you on the dark web, Macker.

Jen said:

I like this.Stop over thinking things.It's a Christmas spot for a supermarket.It makes me feel good about this time of the year.Job done.

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